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  1. Awww that's a lovely looking dog, with good exercise and a good diet he will be a fit and healthy doggie.
  2. I think maybe a rescue centre will let you visit on numerous occasions so you and your child can spend time with a dog. It's in their best interest to match the right dog aswel
  3. I'm so glad she's raising awareness, I went to laganas years ago, bouncers caused more trouble than they stopped, just like in this country. Hope molly wins more for the awareness side of it. But keep her more as a pet and not a business opportunity, there's alot of love in the reason molly was bought, if you get carried away on the business side and the money side you will lose the love of which she represents
  4. Maybe you should home school it strix.it would be better that way. I would hate to be in a class trying to educate a mini you with your attitude. Yep, keep 'it' at home lol
  5. Oh yes the good old days, when in days gone by children with learning difficulties were segregated, Bullied, ignored and not diagnosed With the help of teaching assistants children with difficulties such as dyslexia now have additional 1-1 support and can now go through mainstream schools and come out as positive, confident and intelligent people. Instead of having to go through school feeling isolated.
  6. Chill out strix and calm down, this person might have not explained themselves very well but your attitude is by far the worst on here, just breath for godsake!! And ask for asking a question about her conversing with her child is absolutely none of your business, wind your neck in. Moondust every dog is so different, you can get a nasty lab, springer, spaniel and a nasty staffy or a nice lab, springer, spaniel and a nice staffy, it's not the breed. It's how they are bred and trained mainly. Your better going to spend time with a dog and getting your child used to it before bringing it home
  7. Remploy are very good. There are 2 parts to Remploy. There are the agency offices (like jobcentres) and there are the factories, which employ mainly disabled people. My hubby works in 1 of the factories. They shut many down 2 years ago but his luckily stayed open. Remploy are a pleasure to work with and for. There are severly disabled people who work in the factories and they are an inspiration to all the layabouts who could work but won't!!
  8. Someone on here offered me 2 tickets for peter andre, for city hall. The name had 'blade' in it. But its deleted from my pm box. I did think they had put them up for sale on the 'sale' section, but the search function on it is utter garbage and doesnt come up with things even when I know they are there. Anyway if you read this please contact me. thanks
  9. People shouldn't have kids if at the time they get pregnant they aren't in a financiallly stable place to pay for them themselves.
  10. I've just realised I'm thinking of Bradfield rd club at hilsborough. Sorry lol
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