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  1. 93 views, no responses. Guess I'll try somewhere else.
  2. http://www.facebook.com/bessemerband Bessemer are currently a 2 piece Sheffield based indie rock band performing around 15 original songs and 5 or 6 covers on a full headline gig. We are seeking dedicated and hard working individuals, as well as like minded souls, to join our ranks and work on making the best sound possible. We are booked to play numerous venues over Tramlines, regularly play West Street Live, The Harley, The Washington, soon playing Soyo and the Green Room, so we're looking for enthusiastic musicians to get stuck in straight away. If you play bass, guitar (rhythm and lead flexibility preferred but just rhythm would be cool) or keys, and you can commit to a band that is looking to get signed, we really want to hear from you. I'm 32, drummer is 28, we both have office jobs we do to fund our music, we're the real deal, love a good laugh, but don't dick around with commitments and progressing the band. We have no rules other than we work hard, so any age, any look, any gender or sexuality, any religion or skin colour, it's all about the music, drop me a text on 07896 532952 or email bessemerband@gmail.com. We're also recording an album that we would love to have the new members play on, and have a record label gig in May to work towards. Don't hesitate, get in touch! Cheers, Adam
  3. While replacing a helicopter with a cheaper unmanned drone seems to make sense, a top speed of 30mph is going to be a game to car thieves. It's pointless for anything other than chases on foot. Might be quieter and allow for surveillance too, I don't like that.
  4. Just wanted to report a small black dog ran out in front of our car yesterday at about 6.30pm, from the park area across from the college. We were going too fast to stop, we heard a yelp but saw it run back the other way back towards the park. Didn't feel like we'd hit it, maybe clipped a paw? Anyway, reported now so if anyone has any info for the owners please leave a post.
  5. Didn't know the man, but like many others spread the word to help find him. As someone who lost a good friend to suicide before christmas, can't help wondering if knowing he could mobilise half of Sheffield's online community to find him would have dissuaded him from ending it. A tragic set of events.
  6. Can't help with bass but would love to hear you guys!
  7. Looking for a keyboard player and rhythm guitarist to join rising Sheffield band, Bessemer. We've played The Harley, Walkabout, Jocosa, Brezza's, Harrison's etc, recording an album at the moment, and looking for possible new members to expand the live sound to match the album. Any age, male or female, only thing we ask is that you're dedicated. Cheers, Adam https://www.facebook.com/bessemerband
  8. Bessemer are always looking for gigs, but we played the Jocosa night and haven't heard anything since, guess you didn't like us?
  9. I do matey, Sat or Sun is good. We're called Bessemer facebook.com/bessemerband Cheers, Adam
  10. Hiya, we're still looking for a bass or organ player, ideally late 20's, early 30's, no prior band experience required. We're 2 good lads, we like a laugh, have office jobs, but we enjoy rocking out. All our own songs, we're getting good venues for a new band (next gig is Walkabout Sheffield) but we really need a 3rd person to bring the keys or pick up the bass! Anyway, we're not a heavy band at all, influences are Mod, Britpop, Britrock, and if you ignore the awful demo of Motorcycle Emptiness (I'd been drinking) which I'm regretting posting right now, our soundcloud link of tunes is here: facebook.com/bessemerband Some of our reviews say we're a bit bowie, a bit oasis, a bit velvet underground, so ***** knows what that means, lol We're also looking for a female vocalist, so again, check us out and get in touch if you're interested. We practice in Rotherham centre (cause it's £10 a session and really secure) but we live in Sheffield. That Rotherham thing put one guy off, literally never heard from him again. Anyway, I really hope we find some like minded souls to play with, please get in touch. Cheers, Adam
  11. What's the gig dude? Check us out facebook.com/bessemerband
  12. Hi buddy, I PM'd you but I haven't had a reply. If anyone's interested I'd love to hear from you. This is us:
  13. I'll be up for this if you've got room for me? facebook.com/bessemerband
  14. Looking for a bass player myself matey, but I don't think our styles are that close. We're a Brit invasion/Brit pop/indie/rock band, Stones, Beatles, Oasis, Blur, Led Zep, bit of all sorts really.
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