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  1. Any one remember ''The Wolves,''thay used to play a lot at the Smithywood workers club a long time ago!!!.
  2. Was there a pub, in club garden road with the same name, recall it year's ago, any one remember the landlord!!
  3. The fact is, that after the war sheffield got hit bad, and water power sewage gone, the public tolets where opened for all workmen, steel workers etc,thats where 1 penney wash and shave came from, ''the hard days''. Tony p.
  4. We used to go to the Minerva pub in the late 60s, and remember ''big Ada','always there on friday nights sat with all her girl frends,a very mixed place. Tony p.
  5. anybody remember wearhead garage on penistone road opposite hifoot club; it was owned by louis lenzini, i worked there as apprentice panal beater about 1960 , i think its gone now . tony p
  6. andy words empty vessels make the most noise''
  7. Hi plain talker, i did mean the Royal, iam not sure of the surname of the shop owner, but his name was Gus, do you remember the little shop at the bottom of Mt pleasant rd run by a family called the corrners, all this might have been a little before your time,it was back in 1959, take care'' tony p.
  8. Anyone from highfields /sharow lane, i deliverd papers around cecil rd sherrington rd mt pleasant rd round about 1959, the paper shop was on abbeydale rd near the royal oak pub i got 2/6 aweek not to bad'''.
  9. hi Collingwood i went in the old crown a lot in the late 60s great pub big snooker table out the back and agoog juke box, i think the landlords wife was called doreen cant remember long time ago was the tramway a tetleys house, Tony p
  10. hi Joseph m. i know every body on the list your dad sent,in fact cannonball was my work mate, we deliverd many barrels together,he tought me to drive the first dennis low loaders ,and how to drop hogsheads in to pub cellars,taking great care not to miss the next ''NUTBROWN'' which was a code to let the man in the cellars know there was a mini skirt passing over the drop hole,bill loved his horses ,i would drive around the block loaded with beer,while he put a bet on,and he won,we had a good day,and after a hard days work,its to the mess room for a couple pints of amber(free)''happy birthday bill from your old mate Tony p. would love to get in touch please contact.tony p
  11. hi Ruthies,i remember terry hussey , he was a driver for tennants then it changed to whitbreads, i think it was about 1969, 70 ''good bloke '' tony p
  12. sherbert dips, rowntrees wine gums, acid drops,one penney chews, powderd jelly babies ,rolos,pear drops. 1955 ,'' sweets or spice '' the good days tony p
  13. Hi Skyline,i think it was the one in school st, there where some shops on the left hand side, before you turned left up to the school off eckigton rd used to get sweets for 1 penney. tony.p
  14. I went to Eckington school in the early days 1952 great little school some good memories Tony.p
  15. Hi Martyn Sparks! just to help fill in your blanks,Jim Sterling was a good friend,the two 'Freds' were personal friends and your fourth blank was Thomas Dodworth who was my stepfather,he worked there for years. I myself drove the delivery trucks and was ecstatic to drive the first 'Dennis' low loader,I can also remember quite a few of the drivers names. Tony P.
  16. hi bus man,the chinese restaurant at the side of highfield library was called,' lin hongs' opened around 1956 .tony p
  17. hi falls,car dealership weirhead garage on peniston rd thay sold bmc cars ,austin morris etc,also you could buy a good car at brocklhurst chesterfield, for 5 quid dep 7days aweek. tony p
  18. Hi tosh13 I remember the teen bar,just at the side of the railway bridge and the little cafe the other side,we would go there play the juke box, and have a bottle of pop!!! and make it last!! the plumtree attracted more girls than the teen bar,the good days ah!!!!! T P
  19. hi only me !! I think you are right about the bloke with the flat cap,he was on the corner of chipping house rd, is that the road that leads to the heeley baths and abbydale rd?, I remember the archway and across the road was the snooker hall T P.
  20. I remember a guy called mick baker selling green uns!! on the corner of, I think it was broardfield rd
  21. anybody remember wash and brush up at under ground tolets and one penny to use the tolets in sheffield in the 60s.
  22. DUFFEMS;5531742we also enjoyed a crate or two on the way home,after a session in the pub and I remember falling asleep to the sounds of the Black and White Minstrel Show on the bus radio when we didn't miss the bus!!
  23. anybody remember locals who went in the old crown and the name of the landlord i knew the bennet bros in the 60s good pub:roll:
  24. can anybody remember fishing trips on sunday morning with jeffcox(?) coaches at ladys bridge opposite tennets brewery
  25. Did anyone go to Abbeydale School between 1955 and 60.I was in Mr. Spooners class,anyone recall these names? Warren Barker,John Mullens,Barry Styring,Lyn Bingham,Lyn Baggart,Max Bennet,interested in hearing from anyone who remembers them,my name is Tony Pleasance and I have been living in Australia for 35 years or more.
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