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  1. Hi,does anybody know any shops that buy old pre 1940 matchbox cars? Trying to sell them to help my grandad.
  2. hi,I am just getting back into fishing with my son and want to get him into it.Does anyone know of any ponds/lakes that we can fish within the Sheffield area? Whatever day ticket price is fine.Thanks
  3. hi,does anyone know any reliable pet sitters near renishaw/barlborough?
  4. I am looking to adopt a dog but I don't know where the dog kennels are that will let me adopt are.i know of the Sheffield animal centre on stadium way but does anyone know of any other kennels in the area that let you view the dogs and adopt them?thankyou
  5. I am looking for a apartment in Sheffield and came across this site.i have talked to the person who supposedly owns the property on howard st and I have been down myself.does anyone know anything about this site or any experience dealing with them?thanks
  6. I know freecycle is a place where you can get free items the owner no longer wants.what I want to know is it a paper/magazine that comes out or is a online site?
  7. I am trying to help a friend of mine who hasn't got a bed or any money so does anyone know where I can get a double bed frame for about £20-£25 If it is disassembled I can collect?thankyou
  8. thankyou for your response,it is greatly appreciated.
  9. it may sound a daft question but I am short of money and have to do whatever it takes to help pay the bills.so how much does a paper route generally pay-like how many papers to how many houses etc?thankyou
  10. as the title suggests i am going to castleton to do some walks and wondered if anyone knew how much it costs to go to castleton from sheffield?thanks
  11. i have had some really good tips from the forum and thought i would try again.i am a huge fan of unique burgers like the ones in the harley-great names.is there anywhere in sheffield that makes great and well named burgers?also is there anywhere in sheffield that makes great cookies?never tried the one in the harley but heard good things?thankyou in advance.
  12. are theyre any cinema clubs that meet up every week in sheffield either at cineworld or odeon?thankyou
  13. i am looking at joining a pool league to do every week or does anyone know of any open pool tournaments in sheffield?
  14. thanks for all the replies but still had no luck.has anyone seen any new part time jobs of any description in town or anywhere else?thankyou in advance.
  15. i have alot of free time and wuld like to meet alot more new people and volunteering is a good opportunity.does anyone know of any volunteering opportunities in sheffield?
  16. i am going to hillsborough area for a few drinks with mates and wanted to know any good bars or pubs that are popular more with young people?
  17. ideally looking for full time and will work any hours.no disabilities just looking for a job.
  18. local to anywhere around the city centre.anything like a cafe or that type of thing.
  19. i am trying to find a job for my friend i know there is a sepcific job section but that is no good as it is employers looking for people and alot of local jobs will not be advertised there.has anyone seen any jobs in any cafes,markets,restaurants or local shops please?thankyou.
  20. my nan would like some new vertical blinds for her front room and i am trying to find a reputable and fair installer.i know if we phone one of the bigger firms like hilarys we will get a pushy salesman and i dont want that-just someone to give a fair price and leave it at that.does anyone know any good firms?thankyou
  21. i am trying to find a campsite either near a bus station or train station somewhere in the peak district for me and two friends.can anybody recommend anywhere?dont mind driving as long as its not too far for a good campsite.any ideas?
  22. i am trying to find any bars or pubs that stay open past 12.00pm as me and my friend arent bothered about the club scene and prefer a pub or a bar.is there any in sheffield that are open past midnight-the last time we was out the city seemed so quiet even around west street.
  23. hi,i really want to make some new friends since most of my friends moved away.but i am looking to find some events or nights out like poetry nights,jazz nights,etc and special pub nights to get me out of the house.where do students young people look to see where the next night out will be?sorry if this is the wrong section
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