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  1. hahaha Agent Orange Hope this clears your doubt
  2. Thank you all for your help. Anymore suggestions please keep it pouring.
  3. I fall under the skilled category.
  4. Me and partner are planning to move to Canada or New Zealand as we cannot extend our UK visa. Can anyone recommend a nice agent or counsellor who can help us with application of visa. As I have contacted many through the net and telephone in London and other parts but most of them turn out to be a scam. Any help will me appreciated.
  5. Ordered food last week...still the same - Yummilicious
  6. Please open soon..I have been craving for my fav mexican food
  7. All the best Amigos...looking forward to the new opening
  8. Great...we ordered tonight again and another disappointment...we placed an order at 8:30...estimated time of arrival was 9:50...after one phone call and now it is 22:30 and the food is still missing...i cant understand why cant they stop delivery if they cnt handle the pressure on weekends...my giving a free meal wont solve a problem...this is another sheer dissapointment... just because they know there is no another good mexican restaurant nearby they cant keep doing this... please hire more staff
  9. Hey guys, I though I should butt in my head and leave another comment. After that night of take away not reaching home, it did finally arrive at 12'o clock. But they made up to it. The manager personally apologised and explained the reason why this happened ? And gave us a complimmentary meal for the next time we walk in or order. The most imp thing is the manager tried to get in touch with us through a phone call later on in the week. He apologised again. Which I guess is a notable thing as in this fast paced world no one cares about customers. So yes, it was nice to see someone do this. I will surely go back again but please don't repeat this again.
  10. Hi, I have almost being a regular customer to Amigos now. Either eat in or delivery. Since few months it is home delivery we opt for which is always late it takes more than 1:30mins though we stay close by. Today night they crossed the limit...I placed an order...called him to confirm...the rude manager said they cant deliver before 1:15mins...I said OK.I placed my order at 9pm and the delivery was expected at 10:15pm.....no trace of food...22:25 I decided to call...the phone is engage continously until 23:00...the shop is closed...as I am writing I am waiting for food...I cnt believe they did something like that...not expected...they have lost a customer and I will make sure to let everyone know abt this... Intially they started good but lately they have gone worse...I guess after receiving all positive reviews they have gone over the head...
  11. Thanks Lady Star... I have asked in Tesco, Sainsburys and other supermarkets...none have sugarfree icecreams and cakes...what they do is only chocolates I will try out castle market
  12. Any ideas where to find sugarfree icecreams and cakes? Thanks
  13. Hi, I was shocked recently when it came to my notice though we have high diabetic population...we just cater to minority of them with sugar free chocolates which are limited from Thorntons, Sainsburys, Tesco, Hotel Chocolat.. But wht abt icecream and cakes...never found anyone doing sugarfree.. If anyone knws it will be helpful... Thanks
  14. thanks... in that case could anyone recommend an instructor ?
  15. Hi everyone, I know there are many post already on driving school but I found them rather old. I am planning to learn driving. Could anyone recommend a good driving school and instructor and which is not too hard on my pocket also. Many thanks in advance MOgli
  16. Hi, Me and my boyfriend had been one early morning by 11. And believe me it was one heck of a place. Really loved the service and hospitality. Amazing fresh food prepared. Though it took bit of time as it just opened and we entered but who cares when u get yummy food in ur tummy
  17. Hi, Me and I am friend are planning to join Green gym and looking to save money if someone out there has got fob which they no longer use in green. Much appreciated. Plz pm me or leave ur number will get in touch. Thanks Mogli
  18. Hi guys, While going home tonight I picked up food from KFC. I went to this year nearly after 2 years, as it isn't one of fav. But I was suprised to see the speed of service, it was pretty busy and a long queue. But the staff was very active and really nice. I bought wicked zinger meal, popcorn chicken and some full loaded for my friend and we decided to eat in. The chicken was really well fried and hot but a bit greasy but you cant complain as it was fried chicken. Over all nice experience for me after so long. Is it always no pleasant ?
  19. Hi all, Thanks alot for your valuable suggestions. I just called in now again. And she said they will claim from Royal Mail and shd be able to do something by 5th Jan 2011. Hope it works out, otherwise I am leaving them for sure
  20. Hi all, I got an upgrade on Nov 29, for a blackberry on T-mobile and they said the handset would be delivered by 3rd Dec 2010. But due to heavy snow it is didn't get delivered. I contacted T-mobile they gave me 13 digit royal mail tracking number. I tried to set a re-delivery which said it would re-deliver me on Dec 13,I took a day off to collect it,no one turned up. In between I called up T-mobile and royal mail umpteen times but no help as they just apolozised. Then on 15 Dec, I received a royal mail drop letter in my house that they couldnt deliver as no one answered the door. I went to royal mail to collect that after 48hrs with my royal mail card but they couldnt find it. And today it is 29 dec, one whole month passed by, I am paying £25 per month plus £6.99 insurance...can I claim by mobile phone ??? T-mobile are dragging on and on ...we need to investigate and check, apparently they have sent an email to royal 10days back which havent being replied.They have asked me to wait until 10th Jan 2011. I guess that is testing my paitence. What can I do now ? When I claim it they are not agreeing as it is lost and they need to hear from Royal Mail...I am totally confused...should I leave T-mobile and cancel my direct debit ??? What shd I do ? My partner also has the same problem,his upgrade mobile handset has also not been delivered since a month. Thanks
  21. Hi Mistere, Thanks for the explained answer. It really helps a management student learn the tactics. To start from a single store franchise, how much loan is granted from the bank ? And is it necessary to invest some amount of personal capital or loan is sufficient ? Thanks, Mogli
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