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  1. hahaha Agent Orange Hope this clears your doubt
  2. Thank you all for your help. Anymore suggestions please keep it pouring.
  3. I fall under the skilled category.
  4. Me and partner are planning to move to Canada or New Zealand as we cannot extend our UK visa. Can anyone recommend a nice agent or counsellor who can help us with application of visa. As I have contacted many through the net and telephone in London and other parts but most of them turn out to be a scam. Any help will me appreciated.
  5. Ordered food last week...still the same - Yummilicious
  6. Please open soon..I have been craving for my fav mexican food
  7. All the best Amigos...looking forward to the new opening
  8. Great...we ordered tonight again and another disappointment...we placed an order at 8:30...estimated time of arrival was 9:50...after one phone call and now it is 22:30 and the food is still missing...i cant understand why cant they stop delivery if they cnt handle the pressure on weekends...my giving a free meal wont solve a problem...this is another sheer dissapointment... just because they know there is no another good mexican restaurant nearby they cant keep doing this... please hire more staff
  9. Hey guys, I though I should butt in my head and leave another comment. After that night of take away not reaching home, it did finally arrive at 12'o clock. But they made up to it. The manager personally apologised and explained the reason why this happened ? And gave us a complimmentary meal for the next time we walk in or order. The most imp thing is the manager tried to get in touch with us through a phone call later on in the week. He apologised again. Which I guess is a notable thing as in this fast paced world no one cares about customers. So yes, it was nice to see someone do this. I will surely go back again but please don't repeat this again.
  10. Hi, I have almost being a regular customer to Amigos now. Either eat in or delivery. Since few months it is home delivery we opt for which is always late it takes more than 1:30mins though we stay close by. Today night they crossed the limit...I placed an order...called him to confirm...the rude manager said they cant deliver before 1:15mins...I said OK.I placed my order at 9pm and the delivery was expected at 10:15pm.....no trace of food...22:25 I decided to call...the phone is engage continously until 23:00...the shop is closed...as I am writing I am waiting for food...I cnt believe they did something like that...not expected...they have lost a customer and I will make sure to let everyone know abt this... Intially they started good but lately they have gone worse...I guess after receiving all positive reviews they have gone over the head...
  11. Thanks Lady Star... I have asked in Tesco, Sainsburys and other supermarkets...none have sugarfree icecreams and cakes...what they do is only chocolates I will try out castle market
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