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  1. None at all.... In May 1985, a youthful opposition politician got hold of a leaked confidential government review proposing to encourage the unemployed to get jobs by reducing their dole. This, he raged, was " a raid on the poor". Gordon was not arrested. Few more here Shall you call the Met or shall I?
  2. Nope, Myers Grove, one of the biggest comprehensives in the country at the time (70's). It was a bit rough and tumble at times but it gave you character and taught you to stand up for yourself and your mates. If I did I would have said so.
  3. No idea, what's his current view? Ta very much
  4. well. it seems the politicians are now waking up and willing to discuss the issue. Better late than never I suppose. Hazel Blears: Mainstream politicians to blame for rise of the BNP Ms Blears said that the three popular parties have "abandoned" sections of the white working class, while ignoring people's needs and taking their votes for granted. Ms Blears, who has previously called on the mainstream parties to take on the BNP following their success in the 2006 local elections, argued that demonstrating against the BNP is not enough, and "Shouting 'Nazi' is not the answer." Link
  5. Honda motorcycles has announced that they are standing by the UK’s reigning Motocross MX1champion, Billy Mackenzie, whose name was released to the media on the ‘BNP list’ this past week. Billy rides for us and is a fantastic rider. He would never do anything that brings himself or Honda into disrepute.” Well done Honda for standing by their man
  6. Isn't it strange how the Government can find billions to nationalise a bank and commit unlimited billions to ensure economic stability (prop up the banks) but don't have the will to take the utilities back in the interests of the people of this country?
  7. Calm down old bean, you'll do yourself an injury An employer should be allowed to employ anyone they wish without Government interferance for the sake of getting more ethnic minorities into jobs. "discrimination on grounds of race" That's why people are turning to the BNP.
  8. I'm talking about gas and electricity prices, not petrol.
  9. Not how it reads to me... The positive discrimination plan would apply only in cases where two equally qualified candidates were after the same post, allowing the employer to tip the balance in favour of the minority candidate on grounds of race or gender. No mention of merit there is there?
  10. Britain is subsidising other European countries fuel costs, the French prices are capped by their Government, ours aren't, that's why we pay more for the same thing.
  11. Well, they'll address the current fuel problem by taking the utilities back into public ownership where they belong and make heating affordable again, something none of the big three parties are prepared to do as they are bed with big business. Better than a few roles of insulation don't you think?
  12. Isn't it obvious? The very people who put Nu-Labour into power, their core vote have been let down, ignored and alienated for the sake of greed.
  13. Not my experience, the kids who went on to join the armed forces when I was at school new how to handle themselves and did it very effectively but in no way were they bullies and didn't pick fights for the sake of it, quite the opposite in fact. Were you bullied at school?
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