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  1. O'hara's Playboys and Bitter Sweet (suite) were the best club bands of the time.
  2. Used to go in the drinks shop. Drink Sasperilla :-)
  3. In fact I still have their (your) LP. The one in a Casino with the gawky capes on the cover :-)
  4. I remember them, and you, well. I used to work behind the bar in the Concert Room at Smithywood road WMC.
  5. Hi again Just a little before my time. Sounds like I am one year younger than you John ps Didn't ya just love the Lollypop Shop :-)
  6. I'm pretty sure I have a photo of the management group and a group of gold watch recipients at the Cutlers Hall in 1959 I'll try find them and get them on here.
  7. Nah, you can only do what you like as long as it doesn't offend the people who are trying to kill us all !!
  8. I don't live there now but I seem to remember as a lad that you could not fly the union Jack on your car (or anywhere else) But it was Ok for a while during the Coronation. I remember my dad getting two flags on a big rubber suction cup to stick on the windshield of his sStandard 8.
  9. I uset to go to that youth club and the Sportsman on Friday nights. The pub did not have a back door which resulted in me and my mates standing in front of the Judge and getting a 10s fine (with time to pay) :-)
  10. Did someone mention the Royal Oak at the bottom of the Moor ?
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