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  1. I saw this. The hold up wasnt too bad north bound (clockwise) but southbound was bad as thats the side the accident happened. Traffic was tailing back to the parkway due to the police block. I saw the air ambulance helicopter too... lifting off and flew low towards the west (no significant altitude). I guess if it was children hospital bound, it'd make more sense to just get there at a reasonable altitudeand short distance. Hope the individual concerned (child or otherwise - pure speculation) is OK. The van was a silver courier van - no signs of damage, nor other vehicles involved. This junction - the Greenland Road MacDonalds junction has seen a death before if I'm not mistaken? (eyebrows raised).
  2. I really have no idea meds. 31 and cat in tow, good cook though... or at least i think i am. i guess its really a matter of perspective. my perspective's altered.
  3. we get on great, but he doesnt understand me. When I say no, he continues to say "yes daddy". i often serve him chicken and premium cuts. he eats it, but never says thank you. i'm 31, he's 8 months. i do enjoy his purring and simply love the way he pads and dribbles, we get on great! but i sense that there is something missing. i often pass comment on the television, either the news or some soap opera. in response i get "feed me again"; in a roundabout way! all he seems bothered about is food. but i do serve him.. and its good stuff too... IAMS! cats are not boring, and are of great comfort, especially when he snuggles up to me in the dead of night, when you are least expecting it. it's great... but.... the human element of my life would indeed appear to be lacking. how much further cattish do i need to be? i am often aware that maybe i focus too much on my kitten and not on the human element of "human" relationships. maybe I am just lonely??? advice required asa, before i accuse myself of being simply, a cat loving mong.......
  4. and you know a mate of mine. that's a good start surely?
  5. it wouldnt surprise me if the moor was also cancelled/delayed, leaving another open post-war hole in the city centre. sign of the new times though i spose.
  6. I personally blame the spiders. they watch us... even whilst they sleep.
  7. i've a 6 month old lad cat who goes by the name of frank. i honestly am wondering what is the correct age to neauter him. call it general sex drive, effects on the young male brain etc, i want him to be a loving and dare i say it "needy" but yet affectionate cat for the rest of his life. will neautering make a great deal of difference if i were to leave it a couple of extra months or do it this month? main point to consider: effect on character if too early/late i know its a fine balance in terms of the wee events etc (which he doesnt do), but i don't want to go headstrong into it now, when i could have ounced a little bit of extra testosterome out of him which will build his character that he takes through to his older years. or as a male myself (not cat), am i reading too much into it? any advice appreciated.... got the voucher mags... franks fine and still loves you.
  8. Its been the worst on record for me. Never thought I'd say it, but seriously bad.... my annus horribilis. All sorted now as we enter the realms of zero nine. Wow! Whatta ride!
  9. ... is vitalift double lifting mousturiser from loriel men expert
  10. is just out of the bath and is smelling like a high class male whore (not that I know what such a character smells like)
  11. I seem to dropping 2 PM's an hour since my earlier post (rubs hands together)
  12. Disfunctional single man, with go faster stripes, one previous lady owner, only 31 years old. Paintwork/body work is in immaculate condition - considering age. Comes with Full Service History, Air Con, Electric Windows, Powered Steering, ABS, Stability Control, Cruise Control, Tow Bar. Engine may need a re-map but I've heard that this can be easily remedied. Full MOT but needs taxing. Good little runner. Advertised elsewhere, so be quick! Serious offers only please.
  13. 2cm reported in northern coastal wales, light to moderate for past hour
  14. another biggy prediction.... expect light snow fall between 12 midnight and 1am, followed by moderate to heavy snow between 1am and 6am. it will definatley make for an interesting rush hour in the morning, but the thore will be quick. good luck.
  15. oh lordy..... what have i created? lol. it was a genuine question which turned into i don't know what....
  16. it just came up - as the actress said to the bishop!
  17. been trying for the past hour..... anyone affected?
  18. Development of Bochum Parkway/Greenhill Parkway - increased dust on sideboard Microwaves - Radiation set to cook food I want a Bigtrax - has anyone got one? Television bosses plan new regional television channel - your views The cat has chewed through my new remote control wire Cream and White busses with orange check seats - is it time for something more floral? Factory demolition - the end of an era for Sheffield's East End I'm considering inventing something called Internet where computers talk to each other... will it work?
  19. ash i think it stops the dog pulling away from you as the spike dig in and cause pain. hence, you have supposed better control of your dog.
  20. A place called JE James (Bramhall Lane) sells bikes. Also Halfords (near JE James sells bikes) Fridays and Saturday nights in Sheffield is full of them - you may be able to pick one up for a couple of Vodka Redbull's and a bit of silver tongued chat.... although, make sure you check the state of their saddles - a loose saddle could prove problematic and you could be at risk of losing your grip and causing an accident.
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