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  1. I can't wait for the cold weather. The colder the better. Love winters. Sleep better, no annoying insects, can get more jobs done, work harder. This is a living hell for me.
  2. Yes, but they're not Russian to do the job......I'll get me coat.
  3. You answered your own question, Do electricians not want tricky work in old houses?
  4. nearmind church bells. When I were a lad, boys brigade would come marching round street early Sunday morning and wake the whole community up. It were great.
  5. Post not going out at S11 area . Health and safety saying far too dangerous at moment.
  6. Nothing at all to help anyone who has left their bins out on the Veolia website. Blue bins have been left out on street now for 6 days and still not emptied. Black bins tomorrow. So what do we do Veolia? Nothing on your rubbish web page, so everyone's left in the dark. Bunch of useless prats.
  7. A 4x4 isn't necessary. Any car fitted with snow or winter tyres will suffice.
  8. I'm all for equal pay and rights. Just waiting fro the long long queue of women wanting to join the front line of the armed forces, working down in the sewers and laying those bricks for all the houses that need building.
  9. I've been buying mine from asda at £3 a bag. too expensive if you ask me. March last year they were selling at £1.30 a bag. I'd love to get my hands on someone's wood
  10. Part worn tyres or second hand tyres should be made illegal. this is a 1 or 2 ton machine you are operating and safety standards need to be high. There is simply no argument to this.
  11. As a postman of 22 years the next day "guaranteed delivery" is Royal Mails baby and god help anyone who stops it from getting to it's destination on time. No if's or but's your job is on the line. As a postie I would never hear the end of it if this ever happens. You would be fully compensated if it did happen and the managers goolies handed to you on a plate.
  12. Unfortunately on my street near Sheffield lane top, i can only get 0.6mb broadband with bt line. I have no choice and have to go with virgin which provides a real broadband service. The BT guy told me i was so far from the exchange that i was getting the tiniest remnants of broadband. So much for living in a major city. It's worse than what my father in law gets out in the sticks in North Wales.
  13. I couldn't open the door this morning with the avalanche that greeted me Everyone telling me it was going to be terrible etc. Its winter and this is what happens this time of year. Bloody nora when i we're a lad..........................
  14. I gave the postman a Christmas tip. Told him not to get into the bath with his clothes on. He was very thankful
  15. That is not the case anymore. the conservatives past a law stating anyone can decide which gender they are without the need to see a doctor. You can now wake in the morning and be a woman all day and the next day be a man again or gender nuetral or gender fluid or gender whatever. Hahahahaha. It's a mad mad world.
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