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  1. so if its just for Athletics how much will it cost to run? Didnt Woodbourn used to have football teams, rugby training which i am guessing went towards keeping the place open for athletics. Athletics doesnt make enough money to run a stadium like Don Valley or even Woodbourn hence other sports used them.
  2. i go to don valley its open 7am-9pm in week and 9am-5pm at weekends
  3. if the college are providing parking facilities for college users is it not part their responsibility if something goes wrong? There was something on watchdog about this a while a go
  4. no consumers are lazy and supermarkets take advantage of it selling anything and everything they can... and the government allows it. sad times for the high street
  5. Not as simple as that though is. Chain supermarkets have the mass marketing, have the money to open 24 hours a day, are able to sell products below cost price and have the ability and power to open more or less every where and any where they want. Hows a local butcher, greengrocer, fishmonger etc supposed to compete against such a huge machine such as that?? Supermarkets dont care... about the damage they are doing to local shopping areas, they want as much of your money spent with them and can afford to go to great lengths to get your money
  6. does anyone know where i can get an A3 dissertation hard or soft bound???
  7. Too hot today again!!!! cooler outside... they obviously dont care and gonna be cancelling
  8. i dont agree hillsborough is going to suffer as will stocksbridge and parson cross centre.. sainsburys isnt going to fill any demand without taking customer from these established shopping centres its a shame and no doubt tescos will get permission to build on their land now this is approved
  9. awfull wont add anything to the area and whats to stop tesco building on the land that they own next door now that this has been accepted
  10. Why wont it? The building is a fantastic example of 1950s architecture and design and with some thought and care could become an asset for the city. other cities have taken advantage of their post war heritage and used it to their advantage look at manchester and city of london. The Market is much more iconic for Sheffield than a few ruin would be
  11. what will the council do with the land when castle market goes???? will they turn it in to a park???? or will the council sell the land for development?? The problem with that part of town isnt the building its the council and police seemingly lack of interest in that area why arent city centre ambassadors ever down there and why arent police more visibile? Castle market is a much better building than what is proposed down the moor given a face lift it could become a destination
  12. whats going to get a refund going to change???? They get loads of people joining up every day so me getting a refund isnt going to concern them much... i like the gym or i wouldnt go but the problem is that it is constantly too hot in the cv area im sure they have got money to fix the problem if they can afford to buy new powerplates for the fitness unlimited gyms they can afford to fix this issue
  13. whats wrong with city centre??? its a PUBLIC SPACE... unlike meadowhall that closes when it wants and can choose who goes in there... meadowhall serves one purpose to get money out of your pocket... where as the city centre serves a variety of purposes for a variety of people How is the city centre supposed to compete against something that has ONE owner collecting ALL the rents... which has thousands of free car parking spaces which opens when it wants for who it wants???? i'll be against any further expansion of retail at meadowhall and hope councillors and planners will be too
  14. when does fuel reopen???? bout time we had a decent gay club in sheffield again
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