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  1. I was there from 64 to 69. I always thought it was a comprehensive too...
  2. Wonder if that was the same Slacks who lived on Brailsford Ave. I remember Hardrian and Cedrick Slack. Their sister married a Polish guy named Fagalski who my mother always referred to as "the pole at the bottom of the street"
  3. Was Keith related to Ian Barton? He was in my class. No relation to my hubby tho.
  4. I left Colley 68. You were the year ahead of me. Your name sounds familiar but I'm not sure. I was Kath Weston back then.
  5. Me and my dad would walk to scholes and go up the tower while mom made Sunday dinner. We used to go over the "iron bridge" and past some aweful smelling ponds. Probably not good for you! That would have been late fifties early sixties. It's a good memory, would love the walks ...long before the motorway. I can't exactly remember how we got there...perhaps up station road...there seemed to be a small hamlet somewhere along the walk? Any ideas?
  6. Toni vernessi used to give my hubby a ride home and then would take me to the bus stop when I worked evenings at Bassett - saving for the airfare to emigrate to Canada! Alan vernessi went to the same school as me...Colley. What's your name?
  7. I grew up on Brailsford Avenue and have wondered what happened to all the families who lived there I. The 50's and 60's. I remember the Hardmans, at the top of the street, then Mr and Mrs Ball, us, the Weston's, Mrs. Mac/Collier. the Whites, the Robinsons, 'McCarthy, Fagalski, Breens, Fox, Spooner, Lane, Stanley, Hudson, Horner oh, there are more but my mind went blank....jog anybody's memory?
  8. It's wonderful to hear these memories. I read through most but don't recall anyone mentioning Mrs. greaves who had the sweet shop. Or is my memory totally mixed up?
  9. Amazing to see how this thread has gone over the years. I started it so long ago that I had totally forgotten about it and just today stumbled upon the thing. Nice to see so many happy recollections of the place and that people have reconnected. I finally tracked down some old friends too, Lynne Eames, who,lives on the Isle of Wight, Barbara Cotton who lives inWales and Jean Percival who still lives In Sheffield. They were my best friends through school. The only one I have not been able to track is Maxine Betts, if anyone knows her (that's her maiden name and she lived on Monteney Road and had a brother called Paul). Would love to hear from her too. We had some great times at Colley and I have many happy (and not so happy) memories. Kath ---------- Post added 30-03-2014 at 19:24 ---------- You've got my curiosity going....what did happen. I heard mr. Mbele was killed but what happened to mrs birkby?
  10. I think most of my family worked at Arthur Lee in Wincobank. My dad was Bill Weston who worked in the machine shop with my husband, Frank Barton. Arthur Wood was the foreman, there was Bob Wass, Ken Riley, Ted Cottingham, Tony Vernessi more we can't remember. My sister Beryl worked in the office and Franks Dad, Sid Barton worked in cold strip and Roy Barton worked in Roll Grinders. My brother Terry Weston worked in CS fitters.....I'm sure I had a bunch of other uncles, etc. there...Fred Barton, Ted Gregory-anyone remember these folk?
  11. Iwas a member of Southey club in the 60/70's. spent most of my time in the billiard room with my dad Sid Barton and brother Roy and my mom, Bett, had her own seat just by the window. Remember names like Cyril ? and Arthur Ball and Tommy Bingley and his brother Mel. Proposed to my wife going up the stairs to the billiard room - married 33 years now....... happy times......
  12. my sister worked at the Fiesta back in the early 70's. Frank Pickering was the manager - what happened to him?
  13. try a web site called TV cream The "Sykes" one is on there and it was with Hattie Jaques and Eric Sykes as brother and sister. lots more fun stuff on this site too.
  14. Is there anywhere in sheffield that does ballroom dances
  15. I hear that Colley School is about to be demolished and I was wondering if anyone knew when Colley ceased to be a comprehensive school? What happened to all the kids there? What became of all the teachers when it changed to a college? I was there in the 60's and have fond memories.
  16. We moved to Calgary, Canada in 1979 and have been here ever since. Wouldn't move back but occasionally get nostalgic for what it used to be like when I was growing up in and around Ecclesfield. Been back a few times for a visit - everything changes!
  17. I remember there used to be a great conker tree on Whitley Lane in Ecclesfield - near Whitley Hall. - Don't know if it's still there.
  18. We lived in Ecclesfield before moving to Canada in 1979 and remember as a child how lovely it was. I returned several times to visit my parents but the worst time was during Thatchers reign when everything had gone downhill and my poor father, dying from Cancer looked out on his beloved rose gardens in the seniors complex to see them overgrown and neglected. The place was in a mess, curb sides were left uncut (councils job, I guess) but what amazed me was that the people who did keep nice gardens still didn't manage to move their mower to the curb. I would have thught that if you had any pride you would have mowed the curb grass too. I remember my father did when we were growing up. I never understood that. I'm an artist and paint now, trying to recapture those lovely days of Ecclesfield and it's history. I haven't been back for a while but will make the pilgrimage one day.
  19. Looking for old school friend. Lynne married Larry Speirs (around 1971) Last heard they moved to Isle of Wight, but may be back in Sheffield area now. Thanks for any help Kath
  20. Hi: I'm trying to find old friends Terry and HAzel Farrell. Terry had a butchers shop in Hillsborough? Anyone know them?
  21. I'm trying to locate Hazel Farrell who used to live on Ecclesfield Common around 1980. Her husband, Terry ran a butchers shop somewhere in Hillsborough (I think) Does anyone know of their whereabouts? Kath
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