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  1. Hi, I have an old road bike which doesn't see much use these days. I'm not as fit or young as I was and some of the Peak District hills seem a bit intimidating. I also have a hybrid for commuting, trail rides with the kids and general getting about in Sheffield. I'm thinking at some point of getting a cyclo-cross bike to combine two bikes into one. What are they like on the road? Are they much slower and need more effort than road bikes, and how much lower is the gearing? I know this will partly depend on the bike but trying to get a general idea. The other, much cheaper option is to get a new cassette for the road bike - does anyone know if it's possible to get a standard road cassette but with a big first ring to get you up most hills? Thanks
  2. I'd like to set a young Graeme Souness on them. Then they'd know what writhing in agony is really all about
  3. Iran vs Portugal - the worst game of the falling over and cheating world cup I've seen so far
  4. I'm only including current players. Life's too short for a "greatest striker of all time" thread isn't it?
  5. I'm actually quite looking forward to watching Panama vs. Tunisia. That's going to be a real horror show.
  6. It's ok, we're getting blue passports. That's the main thing.
  7. Sod your race to the bottom. NHS workers are poorly paid, that doesn't mean everyone else should be, it means NHS workers should be better paid.
  8. Croatia showed Argentina it's important to want the ball, rather than believe you're owed the ball. Great performance in the second half.
  9. The case against Paul Brooke has been dismissed.
  10. With most topics you might expect there to be some kind of evidence-based argument both for and against. Not sure that is the case here, the argument against cannabis seems to just be variants of "because drugs are bad"* * Except the prescribed kind that make lots of money for pharmaceutical companies of course, like anti depressants that can exacerbate your suicidal thoughts, like Sertraline. Those are good drugs, obviously.
  11. Are there even any arguments against legalising cannabis that aren't based on falsehoods and misunderstandings?
  12. I thought Trippier's first time balls in the first half were very good but for some reason he stopped doing them for most of the second half.
  13. Apparently you mainly want Spurs players
  14. Even Boris Johnson is saying it's a "down payment" on a theoretical future "Brexit dividend". In other words, borrowing in the hope that something will turn up, exactly the kind of thing they berate Labour for all the time.
  15. I had breakfast in bed this morning, and it was only possible because of Brexit
  16. You've been totally played by the Tories. The "Brexit dividend" is made up - they don't know where the money is coming from until after the budget, they've just thrown the minimum at it to stop it completely falling apart and claimed that it's only possible because of Brexit - without being able to say how. They're just borrowing - again. You really need to sharpen your critical thinking.
  17. As did Chope. Both Chope and Davies are landlords and tried to fillibuster a bill that aimed to prevent landlords from taking revenge on tenants who asked for repairs to be done by evicting them. Just 5 minutes alone in a stuck lift with Chope and Davies. It's not too much to ask, is it?
  18. Do they? I've never met anyone who had made a conscious decision to make the state pay. You do realise the person who is eligible for funeral payments is not the deceased person but the person who has to organise the funeral?
  19. Basically you can apply to the Social Fund in the DWP and if the person who has to organise the funeral qualifies they get the cost of a coffin, a cremation and no service. That's it. ---------- Post added 16-06-2018 at 14:27 ---------- There are laws governing burials and cremations, you can't just DIY. So if someone can't afford to do what they are legally obliged to then of course the state should pay.
  20. Yes, very Bowie. I don't know why some people expect a band to keep doing the same kind of thing for years on end. Put yourself in their place and ask yourself if you would want to keep making the same kind of music year after year. Of course they are going to want to vary it and try new stuff - it's allowable to not like some songs or albums, even by your favourite bands. And sometimes you have to put a bit of effort in yourself; I didn't get Humbug the first few times but then I heard Songs for the Deaf (great album) and totally got it.
  21. I saw one of her programmes about India and found her condescending about the country, I didn't like that.
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