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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/apr/19/penguin-cook-book oops! Made me laugh anyway bit of a pricey mistake that
  2. The new one from Gil Scott Heron, "I'm new here" is great. It's only 30 minutes but thats coz there's no filler
  3. I dont like christmas music, 'cos its annoying, but some good music sounds quite Christmassy. Coles Corner by Richard Hawley and the soundtrack to Edward Scissorhands are two of my favourites, has anyone else got any good Christmassy non Christmas music?
  4. I reckon The Sprawl, Cross the Breeze and Eric's Trip on Daydream Nation is one of the best 3 in a row on any album. its a great album even though it has its not so good moments but those 3 tracks together are great. What are your 3 in a row favourites?
  5. Red Deer might be a good one as it's central, if they've made it a bit warmer in the upstairs room!
  6. Looking for something fairly unstrenuous, I haven't done it before and am really un-bendy! North or central Sheff best for me but other places ok as long as not really far south.
  7. Yeah but you just have some old ice cream tubs or summat handy so you can catch the water, done it twice recently didn't have any problems, probably difficult on your own though it helps having someone to keep emptying the tubs for you
  8. I like Dune, Lord of the Rings, Ticket to Ride, stuff like that. really want to play Arkham Horror but haven't got it myself, anyone into playing these sorts of games who wants to play occasionally?
  9. damn I meant to include Free Jazz but I can't edit the poll! I voted for soft rock, it's really bloody awful. Bon Jovi, Foreigner, that sort of thing, it makes we want to get a machine gun and get my own back
  10. Which is the worst genre out of this lot
  11. we've rented some good films recently including Waltz With Bashir, London to Brighton, Pan's Labyrinth, Breaking and Entering and The Great Gatsby. they're not what you'd call cheerful tho anyone recommend some good films - eg not with Jennifer Aniston in them - but that are a bit more cheery?
  12. Throwing Muses by Throwing Muses. Belter.
  13. seen thermidrome and germidour in the shops but reckon its too early to get em in yet. What's the earliest I should plant em?
  14. Franceline potatoes, massive crop alert! Got seed spuds from Beanies, great spuds well tasty and loads and loads of em. we also found out that when you thin out beetroots you can transplant the seedlings and they work, which the books say you can't do
  15. Astral Projection were pretty fast and very very good
  16. Goa trance as a genre is quite old and dance music used to be quite slow - drugs were more expensive then that sort of stuff is usually called psytrance these days, might be worth looking for stuff categorized as that. I used to like Man With No Name a lot but you might find his stuff too slow as well. Sugar Rush, Teleport and Paint a Picture were great.
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