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  1. Which is fine as long as you can then play out from the back and play through midfield, which I think they can do - some good interplay from Alli, Lingard and Sterling - just seemed to revert to type and hope that someone got a lucky header forward off a Pickford punt. A bit desperate.
  2. That isn't why. Croatia were better and England were a bit bobbins if truth be told, especially in the second half. If they want to beat teams as good as Croatia they need better midfield play, not hoofing it forward and hoping for the best.
  3. Yep, he is. Kind of bad timing from his point of view. He's done better as a midfielder today than as a striker.
  4. England are passing back to Pickford too much, punting the ball upfield and losing possession
  5. Not sure about this long ball game from England
  6. Alli looks well up for this. It could be the game of his life. ---------- Post added 11-07-2018 at 19:31 ---------- Or maybe not!
  7. Feel sorry for Belgium, there was very little in that. All those great players from a country of 11 million, they must be doing summat right.
  8. The level of in-fighting is good but still not good enough. If they reach the point of physically fighting each other I'll be fairly satisfied, but I'll only really settle for them murdering each other, and then only if I get to watch.
  9. Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary. Who says Brexit has no upsides?
  10. If you are unable to overtake safely it's because of all the _______ coming the other way. Insert the blank word. If it was only bikes coming the other way you could overtake without a problem.
  11. Maybe he's 'retired hurt' with a dodgy back, having bent over so much during the last round of negotiations
  12. Unreal. Their chief negotiator (albeit that he's been rubbish) has resigned just before the really important negotiations are due to take place. What a farce!
  13. Since when was representative democracy ever representative? It's always been a way of maintaining the status quo whilst appearing to give us control over how we are governed by people whose interests are at odds with our own.
  14. I think I might need to roll the Russian manager a bifter
  15. Sweden are looking like they can't be arsed. What's wrong with them?
  16. I think he's trying to tell us that the Sheriff's near
  17. Denise Fox. Was at an event she spoke at: almost incomprehensible, jumbled and made almost no sense Talib Hussein: Says almost nothing. Have been in an hour long meeting with him where he said maybe 5 words Jackie Drayton. Shouts at people who disagree with her. Has a spare, empty house in the middle of a housing crisis
  18. Cocaine and patriotism will both rob you of your senses. "In a world of Colombias, be a Japan"
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