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  1. The Chequers proposal is officially dead. The lie that the EU27 would buckle when it came to the wire is dead with it. The EU hold all the cards and if an agreement on the Irish border can't be reached within the month we risk a hard border by next year and the resumption of Republican violence alongside Daesh, and all because May can't defy Johnson and Rees-Mogg.
  2. It should be obvious to everyone now that Monroe is much the better human of the two
  3. This is easy for you to say, presuming you are not the target of her hatred. Try being of Roma heritage in Italy right now - the hate speech of Salvini and his type is making Roma people very fearful, physical attacks have increased significantly since he took office. Likewise the women who were assaulted after Boris Johnson published his Islamophobic hate piece. The people who have the most right to comment on how hate speech should be dealt with are those who it affects the most.
  4. Imagine the uproar if he'd actually inhaled. Man needs a lesson in how to smoke a bifter!
  5. Last weekend we parked in the car park below Stanage Edge not far from Burbage and walked the path up to the edge. It's quite a steep path and bends its way up the hill with a lot of sharp turns, meaning you can't see that far ahead. During the walk two groups of mountain bikers rode down the path at speed and expected us to get out of the way - very little notice of them coming due to all the turns and no attempt to slow down on behalf of the mountain bikers. This isn't ok. We had young kids with us and they can't always judge which way a biker will go and reliably get out of the way. Even if we didn't have kids with us, it's not ok. These are shared spaces, bikes don't get priority just because they are going fast. I have no objection to mountain bikes in the Peak District and often have a chat with bikers as they pass me, but it feels like we are inevitably heading towards a situation where mountain bikes will have to be excluded from some trails if riders can't view them as being shared equally with walkers.
  6. Happened to us due to lots of 30 degree washes. We have upped the number of 40 washes and the smell has gone.
  7. I don't know much about PSV Eindhoven but that looks like a tough group for Spurs and I'm not sure I fancy Liverpool's chances much either. Man City seem to have got quite an easy draw.
  8. I still don't see how being reimbursed after you've been left with no money to buy food and pay for gas and electricity is better than having complete control over how much money leaves your account
  9. No they can't. They would not be able to take any action against a secure tenant for not paying by direct debit.
  10. SCC have recently changed some their tenancy conditions. As part of this they are very much pushing paying rent by direct debit and have given the impression that paying by direct debit is mandatory. It isn't mandatory and they cannot refuse to sign you up to a tenancy if you refuse to sign up to direct debit. If you are on benefits and receive housing benefit then think carefully before signing up to direct debit, because if your housing benefit stops for any reason they would be able to amend the direct debit to take the full rent, which would wipe out your benefit income. Standing order gives you more control, they cannot change the payment amount.
  11. If I was in that situation I'd be praying to get arrested before anything else happened!
  12. Take a long cardboard tube to Heathrow, put it on your shoulder and point it at the planes as they take off
  13. There are ultra-orthodox Jews who oppose Israel's existence though, and they would consider themselves "Torah-true", so presumably it's not possible for them to be attacking their own faith?
  14. No, I thought some people might join in with some humorous scenarios of their own. You know, display a bit of wit and humour. Wrong forum.
  15. If your counter-arguments are that nothing has changed one week after a law being passed, and that Israel is not an apartheid state when I didn't say it was, then that is weak. As it happens, I think Israel will become an apartheid state, because ethic nationalists pass laws like the one in question because they want to embed racism in the fabric of the state. That should be obvious, especially when their ethno-nationalism is of such a virulent strain as Netenyahu and Lieberman's. Think about it for a minute: if a Labour government under Corbyn passed a law that allowed Jews to be treated less favourably, we'd be calling him a racist. Because that would be an essentially racist thing to do.
  16. Mental Health Act or the buffet of criminal offences, it's up to you. For example, Let off loads of fireworks right outside the Home Secretary's house at 3 a.m. while holding a cricket bat with a nail through it and The Anarchist's Cookbook. When challenged by the police, say you are "just returning a library book"
  17. I do think they are making an absolute hash of the anti-Semitism issue. But if the clincher is whether to accept that calling the creation of Israel a "racist endeavour" is anti-Semitic, it seems an odd week for the editorials to be published, as this is the week that the Knesset turned Israel into a formally racist state.
  18. Now they can't agree on whether to make contingencies for a no-deal Brexit. They can't agree on anything, they are not at all interested in what happens to anyone in the UK except themselves, each and every one of them just wants to be right and to prevail over the others. I hate them.
  19. x 10. Half of them are doing it more for their own satisfaction anyway, the amount of people I see walking away with a self-satisfied look after giving money to someone. Yes, well done for perpetuating that person's addiction.
  20. A significant number are sheltered housing, so only available to people aged 60+. Most of them are 3 bedroom properties so that excludes anyone with fewer than 2 children. The one on Eldon Court is with Guinness Partnership who insist applicants pay 4 weeks rent up front - that's over 300 quid in this case so not accessible to the vast majority of homeless people. These properties will get let, as will all the others that get added this week, and the next week, and the next. Yet the homelessness crisis will continue. This is the equivalent of saying "there are jobs advertised in the Jobcentre so there is no unemployment". Also, MsMacbeth said they have no bids on them as if no-one is interested in them - bidding isn't open until tomorrow! And people may well have bid on them but been refused the property - often because there are significant problems in that block or the area and the applicant is vulnerable (these are called 'senstive lets' and there are more of these than there used to be as social problems have got worse, this might explain why the FCFS is so much longer than it used to be, or SCC may be putting them on FCFS after 1 refusal, when it used to be 3). These properties will end up on First Come First Served but 100 people may have bid on them in the last cycle, it's just that the successful applicant didn't end up signing for it, often for very good reasons.
  21. Those properties will be let though. They always are, there are no social housing properties that remain unlet. So why do you keep posting the same post as if it represents a solution to the housing crisis and the complexities of street homelessness, the second of which you should know relates very strongly to poor mental health and often child abuse. It's just facile, and bordering on stupid
  22. I'm not against them learning to write properly. Post -environmental catastrophe that will be a useful skill, I just object to so much emphasis being put on it to the exclusion of so much else. I learned cursive script at school and my writing used to be quite good. It's terrible now though, barely legible to anyone but myself unless I make a real effort. Want to know why? Because I hardly ever write. Mostly to make notes from meetings or from phone conversations. And birthday cards. No one laughs at me, I am able to function perfectly well.
  23. Yes absolutely. Because I'm thinking ahead to what life will be like when they are 22, not how it is now.
  24. My children are being taught times tables by rote, this takes up a large amount of their school time, as does producing joined up handwriting and correct grammar. Can someone please explain how this is going to give them an advantage when they eventually enter a labour market where automation of jobs is rife and no one handwrites anything other than short notes?
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