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  1. Expect something to be done about this now that middle class children have been killed. While it was kids in Woodthorpe the politicians couldn't give a monkeys.
  2. In 2013 there was a debate in parliament over whether to get involved in the Syrian conflict. The majority was for not getting involved. In 2015 another debate was held and that time the majority was for UK military involvement, with Hilary Benn's speech in favour of intervention widely praised. In reality, the UK did not get involved. There were a handful of airstrikes on Daesh oil wells and that was it. Over the last 4 years I haven't been aware of anyone making the case that it would have been preferable for the UK to have become involved, probably because no-one actually wants a war with Russia and Iran. Personally, though I think it's dreadful that the revolution in Syria failed and Assad survived, I think it would probably have been worse with UK military involvement. I think the conflict would still be going on and alliances with all sorts of monsters would have been made. What about you?
  3. I wouldn't consider Trump or Corbyn to be radicals. Of the Labour front bench, John McDonnell is probably the most radical thinker in that he is interested in new ideas and willing to explore them, but I doubt he's radical enough to meet the challenges we're going to face.
  4. The misreporting is also alarming. It was reported last year that Margaret Hodge had received 252 anti-Semitic comments from "Labour Party supporters". She no doubt did receive those messages and that is disgusting and those people are scum. But the less dramatic reality, much less widely reported, is that of the 111 people who made those comments, 20 were Labour members. Now obviously it's dreadful that those people are in the Labour Party and they need kicking out if they are racist - may already have been, as they were all subject to the disciplinary process. But it means that 82% of the comments were from people who were and are not Labour members and may not even be Labour supporters or voters. If someone putting a #JC4PM in front of an anti-Semitic tweet is now evidence of racism inside the Labour Party then all reason is lost.
  5. The problem is, and I think you are probably with me on this, that the global economic system has become more volatile and will continue to become more so as climate change accelerates. Centrists will be unable to deal with the unfolding crises, as they are only able to take timid steps. The political future belongs to radicals because they will be prepared to take the radical measures needed to respond to crisis. Ultimately, people will realise this, but almost certainly after it's too late.
  6. She does, and it remains to be seen whether she will stick to that or not. As someone pointed out, she joined a cult. So she currently poses a risk, for sure, and that risk needs to be dealt with, and it's not tenable that her child remain with her, but none of those things prevent her from returning to the UK.
  7. Yes, all of those things were done to them, which is why people are rightly outraged. They weren't abducted by their abusers though, they went with them. Why? Because they were groomed. Their abusers cynically showered them with attention, gifts, affection. Because they knew that would get them where they wanted them. Daesh recruiters do the same, and they also target children. We either decide that children can be manipulated into doing things by adults or we decide that they make their own choices. We can't pick and choose depending on how we feel about the child in question.
  8. Are we now turning our backs on the girls in Rotherham and Rochdale and elsewhere who were groomed, on the basis that they "knew what they were getting into"? Some of them were 15 when they decided to go off with the men.
  9. Councillors and council employees are public servants. Some Sheffield councillors and council officers have interpreted public service as "lying to the public to protect the financial interests of a private company". Anyone complicit in that clearly needs to be barred from office/sacked
  10. Ah, thank you. Someone who is interested in stopping the Doomsday clock at 11.55
  11. Au contraire, the house is clean. The radiators though have gone renegade, are flirting madly with pariah status. Like Tories at a compassion conference, they scream "Do something about me!"
  12. The exterior, sir. I have of course tried the usual household cleaner, with both ionic and non-ionic surfactants, but found it sadly ill-suited to the task at hand. It gives me no pleasure to say that - I had hoped that we could remain on good terms, but I feel sadly let down.
  13. The internet is handy for all sorts of things, but I challenge you to find a page that tells you how to clean a radiator that isn't just about how you get the fluff out of them. I'm good for fluff removal thanks, got that covered. What I want to know is how to clean the surface of a radiator, to blast away the accrued grime and despair that naturally accumulates to one's radiating heaters in the 21st century, where doom awaits but becomes impatient. What started out as a minor irritant has now become a near obsession. If I don't achieve a resolution soon then I will be forced to bring extreme prejudice to bear on the situation. I can't say what specific type of prejudice or to whom it will be directed, but I can assure you it will be extreme.
  14. This is a good point. If an organisation is institutionally racist then people know what that means and instantly react when they hear it. The DWP has an institutional hatred of disabled people but this doesn't trip off the tongue so well.
  15. ... then what hope have claimants got? The DWP has lost an Employment Tribunal after they hired someone with chronic migraines as part of a programme designed to help people with barriers to working (including health conditions) into employment, then fired her after just four days of sickness absence. The Tribunal judge noted that the DWP 'did not make reasonable adjustments [under the Equality Act 2010]' and acted 'perversely'. But it is in line with their general approach of making hateful, bizarre and plainly wrong decisions in relation to disabled and ill people, then having to spend our money putting things right after causing misery and distress to people who already have enough on their plates, thanks. In other news, the Personal Independence Payment system that replaced Disability Living Allowance has cost more money, rather than saved any as it was intended to do, in no small part because of the number of outrageous negative decisions made that are then overturned at great expense at Tribunals. I hate these people.
  16. Has your wife ever had any benefits or pension credit? If so, it might be genuine but I would insist that any personal information is provided at a Jobcentre to be on the safe side. They are a bit cryptic when they phone up, but it could also be a scam.
  17. It's quite funny how seriously some people are taking this and how desperate they are to believe their upset at the ad campaign is the majority view. Those folks at Gillette are way ahead of you though. Because people are so willing to/too lazy not to share their data, Gillette will know plenty about who their customers are and who they want to attract. A campaign like this is a public ditching of an existing demographic to attract a new one. You're a loyal Gillette customer of many years? They don't want their brand to die with you, so you're dumped in favour of a younger demographic with different ideas of what being a man is. This is what Nike did when they hired Colin Kapernick: a lot of meatheads in the USA went on social media to renounce Nike, destroy their shoes. "They hired that ****** who disrespected the flaaag, maaan, who disrespected our veterans maaan! They'll regret this!" Revenue up 31% immediately after and 10% in the long term. They knew exactly what they were doing. So when some old fella whose idea of masculinity is domestic violence and Yorkie bars publicly boycotts Gillette, they're helping them make the switch to a different customer base. Kerching!
  18. I knew I was right about the human die-off. Only 532,000 people left in the UK.
  19. Such a great yardstick. If you ever want to feel better about the looming mass die-off of humans through climate change and species extinction, just read the comments under a YouTube video. Suddenly it all seems so much more appealing.
  20. The DUP spokesman actually said in Parliament: "We fought a terrorist campaign to stay part of the United Kingdom". Pretty spectacular, that. The people keeping the Tories in power admit that they fought a terrorist campaign in the UK. Incredible.
  21. Anna Soubry has complained, I see. Good job it wasn't her who called Ed Milliband a "sanctimonious <removed>". Oh. Oh, she did. Allegedly
  22. 38 minutes to get an answer today from 101
  23. Heathers. I watched this loads of times when I was a teenager and was feeling nostalgic for it so gave it another watch. Aside from the (intended) daftness of the plot I really enjoyed it. It is funny and very well-written, some of the lines still sound great, including the excellent "The football season is over, Veronica. They had nothing left to offer the school but date rapes and AIDS jokes". A very good comment on the nastiness of high school kids to each other and an eerie foretelling of the high school massacres that followed. Also some full-on 80s outfits. It works really well as a film that was made in the 80s, in that it's totally of it's time. 8/10
  24. According to the article, the lad has PTSD. You think kids with mental health problems should be beaten? What's wrong with you?
  25. It is lamentable though, that for this woman and presumably her kids, that Christmas can only start once a completely detached, faceless corporation that only wants to drain as much money from them as possible and sees them purely as a source of income, deigns to send their mobile advertising near to where they live.
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