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  1. By saying "how we left" you acknowledge that it wasn't a binary answer. But Cameron had tied himself into a binary question because he'd promised an "in/out" referendum to placate Tory MPs who were starting to defect to UKIP. It was such an ill-worded referendum because it wasn't primarily about if or how the UK would leave the EU, it was only held in order to keep the Tory party from infighting, in which goal it has been a total failure.
  2. Whether people believe they were well informed is irrelevant to whether they were well informed though, because you don't know what you don't know. How many people who voted knew the main implications of the Belfast Agreement, for example?
  3. The problem with that poll, as you'll note, is that leaving with a deal isn't one of the options that people were given, therefore it's not a useful poll
  4. Isn't it mind blowing that while Dominic Raab was trying to negotiate the UK's exit from the EU, he hadn't even read the Belfast Agreement. It's not even a long document, it's only 35 pages long.
  5. Amazing, isn't it? Although I have to wonder whether they just want Labour to shoulder some of the blame rather than actually help them out. It's the Tory way, to always find someone else to blame.
  6. So May's new plan is to sit down with Jezza to agree a deal that can get through parliament. It's going to be difficult for the Tories to claim that Corbyn would be a nightmare in government if they are effectively including him in their government because they can't govern.
  7. Hilarious to see Failing Grayling threatening to quit his ministerial job if May accepts a customs union. Such a threat - imagine having to let him go: the pain! The agony!
  8. You sure? Car Boot displays the blend of nationalism, socialism and faux workerism associated with a very different ideology
  9. So, it must be soon that the German car industry saves the day for the UK, surely? Like when Gandalf arrives at Helm's Deep when it's all looking hopeless: "Look to my coming at first light on the third day" - bloody hell, that's about 6 a.m. tomorrow! Instead of horses they'll ride in on BMW F 850s, shouting "We need you more than you need us!"
  10. You have to wonder how much of this is due to so many ministers having been brought through the public school system. They have gone into the Brexit negotiations thinking it's 1880, full of entitlement and the expectation that they will get what they want because they're British and in their priviliged social milieu they do generally get what they want through knowing the right people and having been to the right school, and have been imbued with the history and tradition of when Britain was a powerful state. It's got them nowhere, of course, because it's 2019.
  11. Well, Brexit is a Tory creation from beginning to end. It's very hard to have any sympathy with an argument that says that Labour or any other party has any responsibility for fixing it. You'll remember that Ed Milliband specifically ruled out an in/out referendum. But it seems Tories are always for personal responsibility for anyone but themselves.
  12. Well, at least that's no more demented than anything else you've posted in this thread.
  13. It's not hatred, it's realism. We are in this mess because some people still believed that 27 countries would bow down because Britain is somehow special, despite all the evidence that it's an average - below average place. There are still people who think the world wars and the 1966 World Cup mean something. It's an embarrassment. The sooner this belief is punctured, the better.
  14. I think Brexit has shown once and for all that Britain is a little country, governed by little people. It's the last slap round the face to wake idiots from their post-colonial daydream that Britain is Important. The rest of the world saw this decades ago of course. How tired they must be of the British, and especially the English.
  15. Then they shouldn't have had guns in their hands. Obvious really.
  16. The fact that it can even be seen as an either/or, rather than an expectation that we can have both, is a sign of how bad things are. It's not as if there isn't the money in Britain, it's just been decided that money shouldn't be given to councils so that they can provide social care services and litter bins. We could have bought a few with the £33m Grayling just threw away, eh?
  17. Welcome to Britain, where clean streets are a "waste of money"
  18. I've been badgering one of our councillors for a couple of litter bins on Rock Street in Pitsmoor - he's told me the Council have no money to install a bin. Not even one bin. SCC are on the verge of bankruptcy: the new financial year's budget will be a deficit budget, i.e. they will have to start using up reserves. Two Tory councils have already gone to the wall, many more councils will follow due to austerity, i.e. being starved of funds. Councils provide essential services like social care and street sweeping, who is going to do these if the council goes bust? I know people who are too ill to go for a mental health assessment but there is no-one to go and see them at home so they are just left. Disabled people in Sheffield are being turned away for help and left to try to manage without support. And it's got worse every year.
  19. It's awful, and in such a peaceable country. The silence/tacit approval from people who would have been up in arms had it been an Islamist attack is sickening.
  20. If an occupying army starts firing on largely peaceful civil rights protesters (who, let's remember, were campaigning for an individual's right to vote and against imprisonment without trial) it's hardly surprising if lots of people then conclude that violence is the only option left to them. We'll never know how many deaths the Bloody Sunday murders ultimately led to but the least we can do is prosecute anyone suspected to be responsible.
  21. Crikey, that's naïve. The Home Secretary can say it, their Commissioners can say it, and history tells us that what they hear is "Check the dark ones". And when they try and get more non-white coppers to address that, the white justice warriors go berserk.
  22. Except at no time in their history have the British police shown themselves capable of this.
  23. What you're doing there is demonstrating the assumptions that people make about victims of different race and class, i.e. if it's a black boy from Peckham or a white working class boy from an estate then it's assumed by many that they 'must be' involved in gangs or drugs, whereas if they are middle class then it 'must be' unprovoked. This just adds to the sense of exclusion that many young people have.
  24. And a white girl who used to be in the scouts. It shouldn't matter, because the tragedies are equal, but it will matter more to politicians than black boys being killed in places like Peckham.
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