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  1. I'm not aware of any others I'm afraid. There used to be the Bike Project in Burngreave Cemetery Chapel but they moved out a good while ago, don't know if they went somewhere else. When I donated an old bike to Recycle it was fine and they were very grateful and their Bike Kitchen is also very good so I don't know what happened there.
  2. This x10. I'd almost be tempted to join in, take the job and then ruin the manager's life later, at leisure.
  3. That's why it happens. I wouldn't have thought it would be that hard to programme the IT not to churn out a Summons for an overpayment. Maybe the software developer would charge them some ridiculous fee for changing it.
  4. Maybe they're looking for someone very compliant who they can get a lot of unpaid overtime out of. People with their self-respect still intact might be less inclined to put up with crap from management.
  5. Following instructions is the only attribute that could possibly be measured by such a ridiculous task. I certainly wouldn't want to use an interview format when hiring a shop worker, I would set up exercises to observe how people are with others, eye contact, willingness to help, using initiative etc. None of which would necessitate putting a bag on one's head and mooing. Because I'm not a knob.
  6. I used to do this one regularly, it works really well. It's easy to cycle round as well.
  7. :hihi: Brilliant. I think I'll start including it on the Diversity Monitoring form at work.
  8. Yup, putting a bag on your head and pretending to be a cow is totally relevant to selling shoes. This is how British capitalism is going to forge ahead. It's also nothing to do with 'growing up', in fact it's utterly childish. We recruit really good staff by finding out what they are good at, not by arsing about.
  9. Well of course, but that's not really the point. Costs would be incurred and SCC would have to pay them - because someone over-paid. And that's not even going into the utter incompetence that leads to the summons in the first place.
  10. Fun fact: if you are in arrears then set up a payment plan and then pay more than you agreed, they summons you to court and add costs. They are hopeless.
  11. My mum taught me the basics of cooking which gave me the confidence to learn the rest myself. I don't think we should be too harsh on people whose parents failed to teach them what they needed for adult life. I mean, if we are supposed to take responsibility for learning everything as adults then parents don't need to teach their kids anything, right? It makes sense in many ways to help people learn to cook, it's a good idea.
  12. God knows. Being an academy, you can expect many of the promises made upfront will be quietly dropped to save money once it's up and running. The Vice Principal is currently at a state boarding school in Surrey. We are interested to know how they think that's preparing them for running a secondary school in Burngreave.
  13. Well argued. Makapaka's argument that because a law can be applied it must be right that it's applied would be news to the Crown Prosecution Service. They make decisions based on whether it's in the public interest to bring criminal prosecutions. It's hard to see how SCC's decision to pursue this civil injunction so vigorously and with such an expensive lawyer was in the public interest. ---------- Post added 12-05-2018 at 08:57 ---------- You have my utmost respect for your actions and for sticking to your principles in the face of such unbelievable bullying from SCC. I'm pleased to hear that fundraising has covered the costs levied against you - please let us know if that's not the case. Thanks.
  14. Well, that's all our problems solved. We can all sleep safe now.
  15. I can't see owt off topic. People are discussing SCC's actions towards tree protestors, it is surely valid to draw parallels with other protestors and their treatment.
  16. I can assure you it is genuine. One can only assume that the person who responded would be terrified to take a walk in a forest.
  17. Insurance against what - a leaf falling on your head?
  18. Someone agrees with you, cos it's listed. I guess a lot of us of a certain age went to primary schools very much like Pye Bank
  19. It will also include a primary school and nursery in the old Pye Bank School building
  20. That's good to know. Dore and Lodge's genius was to turn a highways contract into an internationally known civil rights issue. Brilliant work there. ---------- Post added 10-05-2018 at 22:04 ---------- Here's SCC's response to my request to plant a damson tree in Burngreave Cemetery (I had promised to choose a rootstock that would mean it wouldn't grow very large and pointed out that the fruit would be available to anyone who wanted it): SCC's view? Trees are a health and safety nightmare. We don't want them. Does anyone want to try listing 'all the health and safety issues surrounding trees'? I can't even think of one, for a tree that size.
  21. Thanks for this. Do you know if there is any crowd funding to pay the costs of those who have to pay them?
  22. You have claimed further up the thread that SCC have had this contract imposed on them, and SCC have implied that they are reluctant partners in a far from ideal contract. So when SCC willingly pursue a private prosecution in relation to the contract, anyone not blinded by party tribalism will see that as an indicator that they are far more willing partners than they and their supporters claim. Amey have plenty of money, let them fund a private prosecution. SCC pursuing it makes them look like servants of a private company. Lots of people can see this, your seeming inability to criticise a Labour led council prevents you from seeing it.
  23. Well, that is illuminating, thank you. I had assumed the attribution of that quote was correct.
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