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  1. i was there on opening day the teachers i remember were miss gardner, miss powell, my first was mr thackery, he was andy with the slipper, we had trips out to liverpool,southport and hillsbough to see the queen, we were given coranation cups and penknives that wont be aloud nowdays.
  2. My sister worked at siples in the early 50s, I cant remember how long she worked there before she got married in 1955. She is now in her 70s.
  3. i new dave, he worked at firth cleveland ropes in the 70s, he played in goal for our works football team, his dad also worked at firth cleveland for a while,his nickname was cowboy, Dave was a big lad for his age, the last time i saw dave was in the 80s.
  4. it was a estate agency, they arranged my first ever mortgage with the chesire building society in 1966, i cant remember his first name but he used to commentate on the the hospital radio when the owls and the blades were playing at home.
  5. nearly right, his name richard (dick) whittington, i dont know his whereabouts now.
  6. yes, bill was in charge, edwards was the manager, i think ted barnes was in charge downstairs.
  7. Hi, I Worked at Maltravers St up to 1966, Some lads i havent seen since are snowy,shep.bunny,ringo,mac,winky, We had some laughs then.
  8. I had my wedding reception there in 1966, cant remember who the landlord was, we had the room upstairs, it was a popular pub in them days, sorry to say its gone.
  9. My gran was called Emma Bellamy she lived at no 14 candow st, she lived there up to about 1968,
  10. anyone go to graham shaws cafe in the market, we used to get a great meal there before going to watch united at the lane.
  11. im looking for anyone who worked for shortalls upholstery in maltrafers st in the 60s.
  12. I remember the sounds of the steam hammer from the steel works, Was Ardmore st bombed during the war, my uncle Jack Bellamy lived there after the war.
  13. i remember the shop, my gran lived in the 1st yard on candow st, im sure it was called hessletines, she used to get a pitcher of ale from there at night,
  14. I was at hillsborough when cushions were thrown from the north stand when Layne was sent off, I think we were playing Villa and lost.
  15. I was at elland rd when bobby craig made his debut, He inspirerd the owls to a 3-1 victory, The next few games Wednesday had wins over Arsenal, Chelsea and then thrashed West Ham at Hillsbourgh, He was a great little footballer, I wish the owls had somebody like him now.
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