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  1. Hi, if you haven't fixed this yet I'll have a go free of charge for you. Is it possible to email it or is it a paper printed photograph?
  2. Hi, how many are you looking for and what size ?
  3. Try Joe at The Printroom on Middlewood rd just a few doors from our shop, Used him in the past and service is good. Opposite the KFC near top of Hillsborough park.
  4. Hmmm I suppose anything with a plug on from a Carboot is risking it a bit..
  5. You may have got the wrong bulbs in your brake lights. There are single and double filament bulbs and sometimes if you fit the wrong bulbs it can cause your headlights to light up when you press the brake which might explain your dashboard lighting up as that is connected to the headlight circuit on the car...might be worth checking that as it is a dangerous situation if your headlights flash when you brake obviously if someone thinks you are flashing them to pull out...seen that loads of times from my motor trade days.
  6. I have found after much experimentation that cheap bin liners are the biggest false economy in the world.... any advances on that? heh heh!!!
  7. Having tried 'networking' I found the same old faces at different places and generally it was a social circle that involved 'mates rates' favours for favours rather than business to business dealings.....am I missing something here???
  8. The word 'Marketing' is a descriptive word used by someone at some point to describe the actions that he or she did to create an intended outcome. It's like when I have been asked what the seven steps to marketing are...if I dont know what somebody has made up and written down does that mean I dont know how to market my business?? Put it another way.. If asked from a business point of view whats the very first thing you should do everyday? How many would say write a 'To do..' list, how many would say 'Get up out of bed !!' but are the smart ones the ones that say 'Open my eyes...' Too much time spent analyzing I say rather than actually doing in a lot of cases....
  9. If you havent solved this problem yet pop into our shop and I'll have a go FREE of charge for you. I do this several times a week and usually without problems. Smile canvas prints - 196 Middlewood Road - Hillsborough - Oppsosite KFC near top of Hillsborough Park...
  10. Usually you have an option to purchase the photo on a CD and I believe it is copyright free and I think there is sometimes a cheaper alternative of having the photo emailed to you... Once you have the image you can do so much with it and only pay for exactly what you want locally i.e. one 10x7 for your favourite frame rather than paying for a pack that includes 10 pasport sized photos you'll never use heh heh!! Or maybe even a canvas print wink wink
  11. We'll be closing the shop to attend this year, cant wait to show some of our products...
  12. I'm not an expert but it sounds like a situation that the experts call 'over trading' where basically the profit one job is always required to support the overheads or costs of the next job so although you do make a profit on each job it becomes a cycle of reinvesting to keep the business going, I have found myself in this situation once or twice and I think its a case of getting cash flow, overhead costs, direct costs and a business plan for future investments down on paper so it paints a picture of whats going where etc. Like I say I'm no expert but I find looking at the business plan every so often and then changing it to suit recent developments and future planned changes can help keep the business going forward...good luck!
  13. Hi, I'll help if I can.. http://www.Smilecanvasprints.co.uk
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