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  1. Sheffield window. Centre...I've had windows and doors from them for 3 houses over the years..came out measured up then gave me price,no pressure..I bought and fitted them myself..
  2. There's a lad on effingham road,in the Baltic works that repairs welders..
  3. I've just come out of northern,had 12 days, one on firth ward where therre are individual TVs..at a cost of £23 for 3 days...got moved to Hatfield no individual TVs just one in day room..in January I was in chesterman ward they still have bedside TVs too...
  4. CLP automotive wellend close...do 4 wheel alignment
  5. that's the one mel..left to normanton,right to woodhouse straight on to parkway...
  6. I think it happened on the link from Crystal peaks to coisley hill,drove down that way this morning and as you get near roundabout on the chevrons there was a massive patch of Sandy stuff,the type they use to soak fuel spills up..
  7. there's another Simon,he's in rotherham although he used to be in Sheffield...second to none is the name of his studio...
  8. it's called EVOGO ---------- Post added 07-04-2017 at 16:28 ---------- beat me to it..
  9. give it a go,what's the worse that can happen..you might like it....personally I don't buy it anymore...it's a **** poor imitation of what it used to be...
  10. yes it was part of marsdens,remember going in raffertys on Sat afternoon with family..had nice ginger beer in there...
  11. bumbles was next door to the claymore opposite the mulberry..
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