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  1. Ooh yay, spotty talk So first - there's no 'o' in dalmatian (saying it now because if you post on a dalmatian group looking at breed clubs then everyone will say it haha.) I get what Medusa is saying to be fair, it wasn't any slur on dobies, they are fabulous dogs! However, dalmatians can be skitty creatures (some aren't - I have one that's skitty, one that's pretty much bordering on normal, and one that couldn't be spooked if you tried) and people really are a pain in the butt with them. You do get children running at them, full pelt, screaming 'PONGOOOOO' and it's not really fun for you or the dog. I'm not saying that's a reason not to have one, or I wouldn't have three, but be prepared tis all. Especially if getting a puppy, socialising a puppy that everyone wants to scream at and grab at can be really tough. You want it all to be positive but pups don't generally find that behaviour very endearing. Anyhow - it shouldn't put you off As far as your original question - where to go for one. North of England Dalmatian Welfare are always looking for homes for dogs I got two of my dals through dalmatian welfare - Eddy who has now passed, and Radan who is just a total dream. I wouldn't recommend fostering for them though, that's how I ended up with Radan and they're not quick to find them a home if they're not having to kennel them! http://northofenglanddalmatianwelfare.co.uk/ As far as dogs around Sheffield, NOEDW keep their Sheffield(ish) dogs at Cliffe Kennels amongst others. If you're after a pup, I can have a look around the breeders I know and trust from years of knowing them to see who has pups available soon if you like. Bubble came from Mapplewell at Aston/Anston (I don't know, near Rother Valley) but she's not long since rehomed all her latest babies so probably won't have any available for a while now as she doesn't breed heavily. However, if you're not too bothered about the young puppy stage I would definitely recommend looking at Dally Welfare. There's the British Dalmatian Welfare too, which isn't just North of England, but obviously any dogs under the NOE title will be closer. Good luck! ---------- Post added 18-04-2016 at 21:40 ---------- If you want to discuss anything dally related, I'd be happy to oblige ---------- Post added 18-04-2016 at 21:45 ---------- So I just looked and there is ONE dog on that website haha... that never, ever happens. I can guarantee there are more. I'll happily point you to the right people if you like. Breeders - let me see if I can recall people. Mapplewell (Sheffield), Caldecacre, Winflash, Tyrodal (Tyrodal are doing some amazing work with health in dalmatians), Dalingham - they are a few I know personally and would trust to get a pup from if I were to go for a pup.
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong place... I'm looking for a hall in which to train in dance in Sheffield. Preferably around the S10 area or close by. Needs to be a good, level floor but doesn't have to be a proper ballroom floor, and a good size - maybe say, 2 tennis courts? I have been in touch with a few but wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere please? For anyone who knows the details of a venue, ideally around £12 p/h or less and available weekday evenings. Thank you
  3. Thanks Kate, I replied, let me know if you don't receive it, one did go missing the other day despite definitely being sent to the right address!
  4. Thanks Teeny, and thanks gnomi, that'd be great Appreciate it
  5. We have our next basic life skills course beginning 5th February! These classes are suitable for all ages (but tend to be more puppies) of dogs who require basic training. We take a maximum of 6-8 dogs in a class (depending on the dogs we have) so that everyone has plenty of space, time with trainers and we can tailor the class to meet people's needs. It also keeps noise levels down and is less stressful for the dogs and the people. We cover all the basic obedience exercises as well as how to meet and greet, how to carry out successful socialisation and grooming/veterinary handling practice. We are Force Free, meaning we do not use aversives or heavy handling. We use positive reinforcement, and do not shout, yank on leads or anything like that. The idea is to keep the environment as stress free and fun as possible to enhance learning. The courses are held in Crookes and are 7 weeks long, an hour per week on Friday evenings 7:30-8:30. The full course fee is £60. Both myself and my assisting trainer are qualified in canine first aid, we are fully insured and I am a full member of the Pet Professional Guild British Isles. You can contact me at lottie@dogtrainingsheffield.co.uk or 07518667575 and the website (which I am still updating) is dogtrainingsheffield.co.uk There is also more to see on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/dogtrainingsheffield Please don't delay as we already have some bookings and we do have a small maximum number.
  6. Are they planning to send it off? I was trying to see if I knew anyone who could analyse it but would need the powder lol
  7. Oh bless him I will never understand why people do it, it's heinous. Hopefully it is just the scouts or something but seems strange doesn't it! Has your mum still got the bag of powder?
  8. I have a friend trying to look into it with someone he knows at the council to see if anything has been sprayed there. Apparently the weed killer they use could possibly turn to white powder when it dries. If I hear anything from him about it I'll update (unless he does). If it is the council it certainly shouldn't be dangerous to animals and they really out to put notices up to say it's been done for reasons like this. Glad your mum's dog appears to be ok.
  9. Helloooo - I'm back online! Haha. Trying to get on here from time to time to catch up with stuff but not much room in my inbox on here. Best to email me at lottie@dogtrainingsheffield.co.uk or call 07518 667575 but leave a message if I don't answer as I can't always take a call
  10. You shouldn't take water away, even if you think he's not drinking it. Water should never be restricted (unless the dog is going for surgery or on veterinary advice). Has he always done this since you got him? In young dogs, it is usually a result of not being given different surfaces as a baby puppy at the breeder's house - the mother would normally clean up after the pups and encourage them not to mess their bed, but if there are not different surfaces available, they will toilet on whatever is there and not learn the difference. Is your puppy crated or loose with his bed? When he toilets on his bed, does he still sleep on it, or does he toilet on the bed and sleep on the floor? What type of flooring do you have? Have you tried a puppy mat down for him to toilet on instead? Can you narrow it down to what time he normally messes his bed? If you can figure out what sort of time he's doing it, you can set an alarm and get up and take him outside for a wee before he gets chance so that he doesn't then need to toilet his bed. If you have a tiled/flag/laminate floor, it could actually be that he needs the toilet but doesn't want to toilet on that floor as it's not absorbent and will run onto his feet. By toileting on his bed, it's absorbed and doesn't run onto his feet or form a big puddle. By providing an alternative absorbent pad, or preferably getting him out before he needs to do it inside, he may be less likely to choose his bed.
  11. Hey, sorry I don't get on here these days but Peaches linked me to the thread I do have three, I can't walk very well/far though - would depend where and when you were thinking of going Hopefully in the not too distant future I'll have a trailer so I can drive my mobility scooter out to places which means I'll be a bit more flexible on where I can go and how far I can go!
  12. FUNERAL DETAILS For anyone wishing to attend Roy's funeral: Roy’s funeral will take place at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium on Friday 1st August at 15:00 (and then at the Abbey Pub, on the corner of Abbey Lane and Chesterfield Road). Joy (his younger sister) would love to see Roy’s friends there, to celebrate and give thanks for Roy’s life. She would also be very grateful if people would pass this information on to anyone they know who knew Roy (whether recently or long ago) – it’s clear that Roy knew a great many people and the family feels unable to make all the necessary contacts. No flowers by request, thank you. Any donations, if desired, to South Yorkshire Animal Rescue (c/o Lunts Funeral Directors). Joy would be very happy to receive any tributes (which it may, or may not, be possible to incorporate into the service). She doesn’t ‘do’ Facebook, but can be contacted at: joy DOT waller AT btinternet DOT com. It would be really helpful if you could let Joy know if you plan to attend (as she has absolutely no idea of numbers for catering). I will be attending, and so far I have four spare seats in the car (including middle of the back seat) so if anyone wants to go and isn't sure how they could get there, as long as you're not too far out of the way (I'll be coming from Crookesmoor) I can give lifts
  13. For anyone who knows WallBuilder on here: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1326115
  14. I'm not sure if it's really my place to write this, but I'm not sure who else's it would be. I know WallBuilder (Roy), is a regular name popping up on the forum so felt some of you will know him or feel as though you do. Sadly, I have just found out that Roy passed in his sleep - it is thought on Thursday. I don't have any further details and it's a huge shock to those of us who knew him as he was always busy, walked everywhere and a larger than life chap. He recently lost his lovely old dog Max, and I'm sure the two are now reunited. So sorry to anyone who knew him and is reading this news for the first time. My heart goes out to all of his friends and family. RIP Roy - you were a top bloke.
  15. Thanks for the message medusa sammiibubble I'll message you
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