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  1. On the old web site you could save messages as .csv files to be viewed in a spreadsheet. Not any more - only move or delete - if you need to keep any just highlight the contents then right-click, copy and paste into a Text Processor.
  2. Update - only try eOS if you have a spare phone - or its just that OnePlus are dodgy when it comes to bootloaders. Having put eOS successfully on the 1+ 3 I put it on the 1+ 3T - I was curious about apps rather than phone etc - Could make calls and receive calls but Contacts did not work and Call history (asked a family member to ring because of the contacts issue) and nothing stored. Managed to Soft Brick the 1+ 3T but got it back in Windows 7 64-bit by sideloading the April 2021 Oxygen OTA stable .zip file. My phone is now back to the way it was - I will look at eOS in the future if they can get the bugs sorted. Keeping it on the 1+ 3 as Magick Earth is so much better than Google maps and I can use things like Jitsi for meeting on it and proton mail.
  3. Some more retro wave: Bandcamp link (with lyrics): https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/track/city-nights-feat-fatherdude-2
  4. I only found out about this with the homage programme to Sabine last night. Race those wings to the limit! R.I.P.
  5. As above - my first television encounter with Trevor was in the great series of 'The Riff-Raff Element' by Debbie Horsfield.
  6. Possible solution? https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7145287 Other possible issue: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/itunes/itns2992/windows
  7. I have used and use the TP-Link TL-PA9020P adapters. However, please ensure that if you do use kit like this: 1. Don't use in an extension lead (just as you wouldn't put the power lead from your router into one). 2. Don't plug the router power lead into the pass through - the 'noise' will kill your internet. 3. Don't have more than two sets on the same ring main as the router.
  8. Well it's been a while but I finally got round to removing Google OS for pure Android 10 on 1+ 3. Managed to install TWRP, then removed everything and installed the .img for e.OS - My data is MY DATA greets me on boot up. Has a good system of informing you how secure an app is with a privacy rating for each one. Used Magic Earth for directions yesterday and gives instructions in advance of roads you need to take, and accurate too. Nice cleaner display than Google Maps. My Easter weekend will be to flash my current 1+ 3T. Great job e.foundation! 😍
  9. Yes the best free Linux backup software is Rescuezilla - this used to be 'redobackup' a project that became stagnant. Redobackup is still available but it won't work on modern systems that have EFI firmware. The guy who has taken over the project has rebranded it as 'Rescuezilla' (available to download from sourceforge.net). Haven't been keeping up-to-date on any developments but it is a complete system backup and restore - it does not allow access to individual files; also it cannot do exponential restores to drives bigger than the original drive it takes images of like you can do say with Acronis on Windows.. The sensible thing to do is to install your system, then all the apps you need and the crucial element to any Linux restoration before creating a system backup is to install Timeshift - this has saved my bacon on more than one occasion and most distribution should really include it as standard - it's a bit like Windows System Restore. It takes snapshots and how many and how regularly is up to you when you set it up. Once all that is done, use Rescuezilla to do a full system backup. For this reason I would suggest that you have your root partition and swap on one drive (unless using an SSD in which case no need for 'swap' then have your '/home' partition on a completely separate drive for all your data. This means your /home can stay intact for the next distribution release (if not rolling) and you just 'flag' the drive that /home is on when setting up the new install. That way you can take a system image separate from your data - all you need to do for that is just copy your /home folder (remembering to show hidden files (these start with a period and store data for such things as Thunderbird and Firefox - a bit like App Data on Windows) with Ctrl+ H to an external drive as you go along and do so while not on the internet. I don't know about Linux but I read somewhere that criminals can now detect what external hard drive is connected to a machine. Forgot to mention it can be used to backup Windows Machines to - have used it to backup notebooks at work.
  10. Gaming uses a lot of overheads, both in terms of disk space and graphical requirements. Chromebooks weren't built for gaming, just emails and browsing. You'd be much better off forking out for a Notebook and when it comes to Linux a dedicated Linux Notebook such as Nova Custom: https://configurelaptop.eu/?wcmlc=GBP
  11. Not all GNU/Linux distributions do that. I have a separate Administrator account on Devuan (and other none-systemd distributions, like MX-Linux, Antix and Arctis also have the capacity of separate Admin (root) account. FreeBSD appears to be the most secure OS: https://www.unixsheikh.com/articles/why-you-should-migrate-everything-from-linux-to-bsd.html
  12. An elderly relative has no internet and never used a computer. I do the searches for the best energy deals for them. About 2 years ago, the best deal was with a company called Green Network Energy Limited. If anyone has spotted my recent post on my 1+ 3T going AWOL, i was due to submit meter readings via the App. When Play store restored all my apps I went to the Green Network Energy app it stated that the app had been updated and existing customers have to re-register. Being a cautious person I went on the PC tonight and lo and behold the company went bust on 31.01.2021. There is an Ofgem page which states that EDF has taken them over and to wait to be contacted by them - nothing sent to my email or to the home address of the elderly relative. I have raised the issue with Google Play Store who are sending me a form to complete. What concerns me is that there is a possibility that the App might be used for Data Mining. It could just be that because of the quick cessation of the company that there is no way that developer could access, but I am not sure how these things work - better to be safe than sorry in this pandemic climate where data is more valuable than anything else. Take Care and stay safe.
  13. Update 2: Only just noticed this a.m. that Google had taken over the phone, installing voice assist which I don't want. Then checked my backup I had made and not everything had copied across so launched a different LinuxOS to backup to one folder at a time, remembering to create a .vcf file of all my contacts first - and on this point, remember to make a backup of your contacts regularly and update your .vcf file - I have lost some contacts which I can get back from family members.) Now getting back to a more pure 1+ experience - hopefully!
  14. Update:finally managed to back everything up to PC and done a refresh and all is well so glad I didn't go for the Motorola. Read an interesting review on Tech Radar which stopped me from being hasty. Currently playing with Smart launcher and will have a play with Nova launcher (free version)
  15. Thanks guys. Some positive news. I managed to uninstall the One Plus Launcher and now I have the black screen showing all the apps. I launched kde connect and copied some downloads but not everything. But now the list of apps is stable, went to settings and have selected use usb for file transfer, so now I am backing up everything. The Motorola Edge+ is currently almost half-price and I've had the 1+ 3T for 4 and a half years (bought it just after launch). At Pyrotequila - I temporarily subscribed to Which? magazine and they were claiming that the One+ 7T Pro was a better spec than the 1+ 8 but I know they can get things wrong. Having just compared the 1+ 7T Pro against the Motorola, whilst it is £30 dearer the camera specs are phenomenal at 108 Mp! Also it states 2 days battery time. Youngest has a cheaper end Motorola and that lasts for several days. I'm also a latent fan of Motorola chips, being the owner of an Amiga 1500! LOL! Pleased to say all the stuff is now transferring across! Take care guys.
  16. This has also happened to another user on 1+ community a few days before mine went AWOL. Don't want to do a factory reset as still got a lot of pics to back up which I was able to view but not move anywhere. Have had to temporarily resort to using old 1+3. Discovered an option to reset the Launcher back to factory defaults but it warns all data will be lost - is this just in terms of apps (email and the like), or does it mean everything? I've tried clearing storage and cache but no joy. Looking at the error report it would appear it is a Java issue based on the details of a 'bad call'. Any advice appreciated. I managed to launch ES File Manager and gallery yesterday but I could really do with getting to KDE Connect but it crashes before I can put K in the search bar. Thinking of migrating to a Motorola Edge+
  17. There's an offer at Scan.co.uk: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/scan-home-h5a-amd-ryzen-3-2200g-8gb-ddr4-120gb-ssd-1tb-win-10 and an option to add 24" screen at a reasonable price. However, it's multimedia claim is a bit false as there is no optical drive on this rig. Medion All-in-One that matches your budget from Ebuyer: https://www.ebuyer.com/1125987-medion-e27401-aio-27-core-i5-10th-gen-8gb-ram-1tb-hdd-30029479
  18. Good article here: https://www.lifewire.com/does-ipad-virus-exist-1994321
  19. Is it really Bluetooth? I have a Cherry Keyboard with a transmitter but it is RF - bluetooth tends to be for Macs (the keyboard has a switch to change mode from RF (Windows/Linux) to Bluetooth (Mac). Unless of course it is definitely a Bluetooth keyboard. Has your friend tried System Restore to an earlier time when the keyboard did work? (Difficult to do I appreciate with no working keyboard). Do you or they have access to a USB keyboard?
  20. I've built three rigs around the CoolerMaster Siliencio 650 Tower which has 2 USB 3 at the back, two USB 2 at the back, 2 USB 3 top front, 2 USB 2 top front, plus SD Card reader: https://www.coolermaster.com/uk/en-gb/catalog/legacy-products/cases/silencio-650/?_escaped_fragment_= Then it's just a case of getting the right Motheboard, CPU, RAM and PowerSupply and DVD-RW.
  21. What Pyrotequila said. I use those resellers for peripherals.
  22. An easier method so long as you have a Chrome type Browser (including Edge) is https://meet.jit.si/ I has the option of having end-to-end encryption but nothing streamed can be recorded. Obviously streaming of video is better than not but you do have chat window on the left and you can 'raise your hand'. https://ibb.co/5n59KwK Full info here - no need to install any software, just a browser that has Chrome Extensions. https://meet.jit.si/
  23. Just to be naughty, shouldn't this thread be "What are you currently watchiing on TV?" As the thread intimates by it's Grammar that people are watching TV 'at this moment' (this moment = now!) would prohibit posting on this forum! 🤣
  24. That triggered a memory for me - Alan Price and Georgie Fame of Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames: https://archive.org/details/GEORGIE_FAME_ALAN_PRICE_Rosetta_1971 Now listening to:
  25. The Supremes - part of what made the 60's great. R.I.P. Mary King.
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