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  1. Choose from any one of the 15 or so cafes and restaurants - you won't be dissapointed.
  2. Without doubt the best places for lunch in Sheffield are on Spital Hill.
  3. Right. Off to Spital Hill for lunch then.
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone could recommend a printer in Sheffield for a small run of business cards. Very simple format, just a bit of text no complicated colours or images. I'd prefer to go to a printers rather than use Vista. Thanks.
  5. The organic gardening catalogue is offering 450g packs of bulbs. Anyone be able to tell me how many bulbs that would be? Not sure if I need more than one lot. Thanks
  6. There seem to be different blackberries around. In S4 they were great about 3 weeks ago and now gone except for a few canes that are producing now rather than then. Pretty much over though. I made some elderberry and apple jam today - very nice
  7. Does anyone have any cooking apples they need to find a home for? My father sold his house last year and I lost my apple supply I'm in S4 but happy to travel a bit. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'd be happy to come by and pick some bags up when they are ready. We're desperate for manure for the allotment. Thanks.
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