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  1. I have un wittingly caused quite a stir. This was not my intention. Thanks for all your replies. I will update you when I find a suitable doggie companion for my child.
  2. Thanks for the link Strix. I will take a look. We are all entitled to our opinions. It seems some folk can be very agressive and personal when expressing theres. Thanks for your comment henhugger.
  3. I know. Its not the dogs fault at all. The down side to these dogs as rescue dogs is that they have often been bred to fight and encouraged to be nasty. I would not be able to trust this sort of dog around children.
  4. I am looking to adopt a puppy. My child is 12 years old and an only child. I thought It would be great to have a family dog who can grow up with my child. I have been looking online at the RSPCA but the dogs there are either old dogs or what I call hooligan looking dogs. Does anyone know where I could look to adopt a puppy. Or does anyone have a dog expecting puppies soon? I am looking for a small to medium size dog who looks like an ordinary lovable pet. Thanks.
  5. Well done has to be said to the gritter/snow plough drivers of Sheffield and surrounding areas. Depite adverse conditions most main roads have been kept open and running. Lets not forget how many times they have to do the rounds each evening when we are all tucked up in our beds. Its so easy to criticise when we have chaos caused by so many people doing inapropriate things in bad weather. I was offered a lift to work today by some kind people in a 4x4. Lots of people helping others and stopping to offer info and help. Let the community spirit and good will among the folk of Sheffield continue! Its just like winter used to be!!
  6. Very useful post Michael N. Thanks very much! Have a very merry christmas!
  7. They sound great! Have just spent over an hour slip sliding away up the hill I live. Could have done with them then. Managed to get up eventually. Phew!
  8. Thanks very much. I was looking to increase flexibility and aid relaxation.
  9. Does anyone know of any good yoga classes which run in the evening? I am wanting to start in the new year.
  10. I'm looking to start yoga after christmas. Does anyone know of a good beginners class in the evening?
  11. When He does the weather I find myself toatally switching off....by the time it has gone off I realise that I haven't heard a word he has said. Very annoying!!
  12. I did. I phoned 101 and passed on the details.
  13. I'll never use Mercury taxis again after I walked past a Mercury car parked in Sainsburys carpark late one night. When I walked past it there was two men sat in it (one the driver) smoking skunk weed. It was so strong. I actually stopped to peer in thinking the driver must have popped into the store. He was sat at the wheel with the passenger and glared back at me. I always used to use Mercury taxis but based on what I saw that night I wouldn't trust them now! Very disappointing!!
  14. Tesco also sell them in packs of 6. lovely with meltred cheese and mushrooms on....mmmmm
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