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  1. Thanks for the replies, I was asking because I got a new laptop and it comes with to much useless softwares installed. So I installed win 7 fresh, Before I had installed any drivers most things seem to working fine so I will only update when needed. Touchpad and FN keys wont working so I've only installed their drivers and work fine now.
  2. Just wondering when you have no drivers installed but sound, graphics, wireless all work. Would you still recommend installing a sound, graphics, and wireless driver? Whats the thinking behind them.
  3. ask for a refund, or 3 free days! you have rights its not about wether its a penny or £10,000. Its the principle. If a consumer is left in an unfavourable position after the purchase they are entitled to a refund or compensation.
  4. They did apologize and offer a 2 year extended warranty, because Samsung no longer offer theres. Argos's policy is actually better because they wouldnt take into consideration the fact that I have deleted samsungs restore files, samsung said because I have deleted them, any problems that wont hardware related I would be charged for. Either way I argued that Argos warranty isnt to the standard of Samsungs . So I was offered after multiple manager callbacks, gift vouchers. I asked for the refund but I would have to write in to head office I figured go with the vouchers.
  5. Just called Argos telling them to look at the spring/summer 2010 catalogue, the advisor had it infront of her, and indeed 3 year warranty is stated. As expected she couldnt deal with it, so expecting a callback.
  6. Firstly thanks for looking! That is great I dont know how argos will respond once i inform them of this, sending you a PM.
  7. Just been looking at their websites, hopefully there is no need to contact them but good to know they are there. Here is another long shot, I don't know much about cached pages but my understanding of them is that they are captures of how pages looked on a earlier date. Would they be a method of searching through argos's site to find the actual advertisment? As its no longer on there.
  8. I am just waiting for them to reply before I take any further action. I also made this thread in the hope of getting an Argos catalogue from earlier on in this year - Im sure someone will have one at home. If anyone does I will be happy to pick up. Also someone on the forum may have purchased the same laptop and therefore as well as being made aware that they warranty isn't actually included, also be a victim of false advertisment.
  9. This is a long shot, but I am lookng for anyone who may have purchased the same laptop as I did. It was on offer with a free bag and mouse. The reason I ask is because the laptop was advertised with a 3 year manufacture warranty, but having contacted the manufacturer they no nothing of it. I then contacted Argos to inform them of there false advertisment to which I recieved a call saying they have no way of checking as they no longer sell the laptop. I then emailed them again and they said they looked into the description and the warranty wasnt part of it. (the laptop box actually has a sticker which says and I quote "includes 3 year fast guard collect and return warranty". I know I am not mistaken as when I search for the offer in google it comes up on some other forums and users also mention the warranty included, I just wanted to ask if anyone here purchased it. Also if this isnt to much trouble I read on a forum that it was advertised on the back of Argos catalgoues as a WOW deal, so if anyone has any old catalogues would you mind having a look on the back or if you have time in the catalogue also. It was still available in may 2010 as thats when I bought it.
  10. Out of curiousity. Why linux what are the main advantages, and would it be easy getting a hold of the drivers I would need for my laptop.
  11. I bought it from argos, and yes on the box it says "includes 3 year fast guard collect and return warranty". In the actual description it said "Free 3-Year Pre-Registered Warranty". I mentioned this to Argos but they say because they no longer sell the item they have no way of viewing what the description said. Which I've contacted them about again and await their reply.
  12. The description said "Free 3-Year Pre-Registered Warranty", the box the laptop came on has a sticker saying includes 3 year fastguard collect and return, but when i called the manufacturer (samsung) they not go any records of it.
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