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  1. The extension is going to be a new kitchen and eating area.
  2. Its the same most nights, I dont know why they just segregate children to the back room and let adults enjoy the pub. I have complained but family's bring the money in. Try the rising sun at fulwood new landlord not many chavettes.
  3. I reckon she will by stopping in that very nice B&B tonight, Chatsworth House.
  4. There's an Easter egg hunt and sculpture activities at http://www.cupolagallery.com/.
  5. I understand the need for traffic calming measures near all schools but I drive up Ringinglow road during school drop off and pick up times and you are lucky to get out of first gear with all the double parking and inconsiderate drivers and pedestrians. I feel these problems need addressing also.
  6. Eccy woods but it looks like a poor harvest this year, have been out foraging and they are so small not worth bothering with.
  7. The bright light also lights up our bedroom and lounge, don't need to put the lights on. I find it far too bright, do the council provide shields which could be attached to the lights? so I can get a decent nights sleep.
  8. There are a lack of good fabric shops in Sheffield, this is a useful thread.
  9. try, http://www.underthethatch.co.uk/ great places to stay. not badly priced.
  10. It's not just supermarkets, the NHS throw loads of unused , in date food away. Fresh fruit which have never left the kitchens are thrown away because no patients ordered that day. So wasteful.
  11. We do not have any cake or sweet makers at our art/craft fair, on 30th nov and 1st Dec. We are expecting large numbers of visitors, stalls are £15 for 1 day £25 for both. We are in the Kelham island area. please email deboanne@gmail.com for more details. Thanks debbie
  12. If she likes art, we have a great exhibition on at KIAC gallery Ball S treet then round the corner for a pint at Kelham island.
  13. You could say its Kelham Islands fringe event. We are a collection of artists studios situated around the corner on Ball street. Many people park outside KIAC when they visit Kelham so we thought we would have an open studios and art/craft fair. We have a huge gallery space so it will be held in there.
  14. Art and Craft Fair at KIAC On the 30th Nov and 1st Dec. This is the same weekend as Kelham island xmas fair which had 16,000 visitors last year. Since we are just around the corner we should get plenty of visitors. Prices for a 6ft table and wall space £15 for 1 day and £25 for both. Please contact me if you are interested . Contact Debbie Wright deboanne@gmail.com 07914220413
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