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  1. Do's anyone know anything about an incident at Firth Park this tea time it is taped up near to traffic lights on Stubbin Lane.
  2. Hi do's anyone know if the peregrines are nesting at the university yet please.
  3. Don't panic i'm sure while standing guarding the prop,there prob doing two things at once hour on speed camera duty, hour on guard.
  4. this is a crime that has something to do with everyone,too many people just dont wanna be part of something crime wise that has nothing to do with them.its like i was once drinking up town and a man was beating his girlfriend to a pulp the amount of people that just walked past was un real how can ya,for god sake nowt to do with me so ignore it i cant do that sorry its wrong.the police came about 15 minutes later she could have been dead by then,if we did not split them up.but i do not think but putting wrong info up about the stuff on the drive van wise,i know that the scum bag did repairs on cars ext,and the red white van was sold by him some time ago,to someone i know.if that was going on next door to me then i would have known about it,that kind of video footage was wrong.but like i said early too many people wanting to turn a blind eye,nowt to do with us so lets just forget about it. ---------- Post added 08-01-2014 at 14:39 ---------- Its not just someones window boy friday, its 3 of the worst scum around .people are angry and there way of venting it. its not a crime to do that to there windows no way,just watch the footage.any way the police are there so ya can rest happy knowing all the prop,is been guarded by the police.
  5. I can under stand people targeting the house,people are angry.but just remember that if its insured that they will get the money.where has they might find it hard to sell it because of what gone on there.i rather see em without money in prison i for one would not buy the house just incase its all ways targeted. ---------- Post added 08-01-2014 at 14:22 ---------- theres nothing civil about this mort,they have made this poor lads life a day to day nightmare,i not sure if ya know about the justice system but if he is a good boy while watching his day time tv in donnie he be out in 3 year ,3 yr joke
  6. our new range of boilies all 12mm will be out in the next month,just done a year on the testing and the results have been brilliant. There will be 3 types all keyed for winter carp fishing [red hot tuna]high betain tuna chillies kelp and green lip mussel.there a green bait and have out fished some of the leading bait companys baits this summer. [white chocolate]made from a light couloured mix mainly a bird seed mix ideal for winter carping. [banoffee] banana and toffee,any one that know any thing about bait will know all about this bait one of the best carp catchers around. All baits like said above are made in 12 mm but dumb bells can be made but will be extra,but all testing has been done with the 12 mm rolled baits. Also in the next month will be bringing out a flouro range of pop ups all in bright pink orange red yellow,these will be rolled useing cork balls rather than cork dust. All bottom baits will be £7.00 a kg. cork ball pop ups £6.00 a tub. Please inbox with any orders we have a good few orders to get through but we will get the bait to you asap,we get the unit start of october so thats when orders will be taken.but any orders taken now will be first out of the unit. thank you steel city baits.....
  7. one of the best all round baits there is the only problem is that everything that swims likes em,if your a around angler then you wont be disapointed pal brilliant bait,my new boilie range has wasp grub and dry insect larva in.
  8. some nice cats too my mate just bagged a couple
  9. go with a make that is well known like daiwa,korum,shimano.The thing that i have found since fishing for around 28 years is that a good named reel will out last a cheaper reel by years.The things that i have seen bought fro the fishing republic is very bad built looks good but last for days,theseas or something of that nature avoid utter cra.
  10. its a way of makeing the fish look bigger than it is,but like the comment said ABOVE only a idiot would hold a fish big fish out infront of them,after all the safety of the fish comes first before the photo
  11. I have done a course at sparshaw,in fisherie management,and glad to say just applied to get the lease on a local pit with carp in to 38lb.6oz been the largest in there but a good 5 others pushing to get near that weight,plenty of 20lb/28lb,its gonna be a all out carp water with some huge pike in, largest last winter 28lb.15oz.At least 3 known 30's and 4/5 pushing near to that weight some butes of fish real wood carvings. The talks are going on at the minute with the pond owners and ea,the pike will be left in but the bream will be taken out but a few left in just to keep you on your toes at 2.30 in the morning lol, there are tench in there i had one last thursday at 6lb.12oz these will be left in,its not a easy water very weedy but we will be moveing some weed but very little so i would say that its a water that you need a few years at fishing for big carp in this kind of water. Its a very riggy water but 3 of us will all ways be on site to assist and help put new members onto the areas we have cleared.But if your like me then you will want to map it and feel your own way through this place,great surroundings,i been doing 5 nights aweek on there and have had commons to 29lb.12oz and mirrors to 32lb.6oz. We are hopeing to get the first year free but were looking for the odd few that will be able to help us do a bit of work on the place,any one who agrees to help will get a few 24 hr sessions free ,just makeing new swims and doing bivvy areas.logs sunk into grass the filled in with wood chippings. We will be makeing 25 syndicate 24 hour ticket swims that will be needed to be booked 24 hr in advance,they will be at least two double swims for people wanting to get togeather have a crack for some english butes and catch up with mates. For the carpers that can't do nights then they will still be the odd few swims that you can drop into,but if the syndicate pegs are booked these will be a no no,but should still be in with a chance of getting a lump. But it is far from easy,chod rigs and stiff hinged rigs are the only way at this time or zigs are takeing a few at the minute.Gonna clear a few table sized areas like i said above,so bottom baits will pick fish up once this work has been done. You will need carp matt,no fixed leads all rigs will be checked lead clips and inline drop off's.8 lb line min,we will be allowing barbed hooks,has we have all come to the same decision that barbless cause more damage than good,they tear the skin,carp care kits are also advised but any carp caught that has damage you will be able to phone one of us to come and sort the big girls out same has photos has long has the fish are above 30lb.Because the edge is shallow you will need either waders or shorts to get in to net fish then return them,for the fish not to become marked in any way. I fish for dynamite baits so they will always be on hand if needs be,and can be delivered to swim,any one into carp fishing will love this place,well once tthey hook into there first lump. TICKET PRICES WILL BE;ea licence needed Day ticket £6 per rod,dawn till dusk Afternoon tickets £3 per rod thats after 2 pm till dusk 24 hour ticket,dependent on room will be £25 Syndicate year tickets will be £90,this will let you book a swim in advance and then you know you got that place,you can fish day or night and syndicate night tickets will over rule day tickets.
  12. There is a few carp in there unless they have fell to the same fate has most of the canal fish.......polish takeing em for table.use grounbait mate unless stated on a board on site use what you like bait wise.but no dynamite.
  13. mate crooks vally will pull you back time and time again,i have fished it from march and just got two of my target fish but one left to get shoulders.HARD HARD HARD water.Sometimes it drives you mad i have hooked shoulders twice but first time it straightened a armapoint hook out,second time hooked it on braid i only use mono,so was in shock when it flat roded me on,only to tear of un hooked gutted understatement.but beat two pb's on there this year 2lb.8oz roach and 9lb 2oz tench.all from a free park lake love it,thats 3 pbs had 11 lb 6oz bream,the bream were not from crooks though its a bit of a hush jobbie till i bank two know 30 plus commons just hopeing i can hook a common over 31.6 to beat that pb.I have changed tactics this year too,i have had fish to 48.2 from france but dont count them has pbs british fish for me every time,but i'm now hunting the pretty fish like the valentines fish that i just had from crooks,and stella both real old english warriors.the roach took a 18 mm red scopex boilie,its a bit old school i know but can't put what i had tench on because shoulders has a taste for em.PRE bait its the only way on there you want everything to come to the party too roach bream dace tench,but put a few larger food iteams in like maples chickpeas parti mix but with boilies in.But don't think you will go there and catch from the off because it is hard.Make sure that you smash the boilies up for some reason they dunt like round baits chops are where its at but there are only a few carp in crooks and its up to you to find the ones that have a taste for boilies,but take my word for it the big girls shy away from them.
  14. Has a lot of the regulars to this site will know i been hunting the carp in crooks still one left to bag shoulders but did get the light common and the mirror,common 21.6 mirror 18.12,5 month of hard work now for the new pit 35 common................
  15. hot sunny days rod reel landing net hooks bread,overcast cooler days the bait i have in boxed you with but keep baiting no more than the other side of the rushes or any other features.i fish the sunken float it just stops the surface from getting moved around.
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