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  1. my brother and dad worked there around 1976 their names were doug Fairfax
  2. I used to work in the butchers in the 70s at the time jack barker was the butchery manager he lived down mickley lane
  3. Deanna barlow lived on manor park centre pity she was a little older and not in love with me wonder what happened to her
  4. sad news flo has very recently passed away I am very sorry to say at the ripe old age of 83 , I am sure she will be sadly missed by all who new her r I p Florence
  5. did you go skating to queens road in the 70s , did you know a girl called ann who lived near the rex cinema at intake she used to go around with a tall girl ,think her name was linda
  6. hi how`s your (uncle) tony iast time i spoke to him (many years ago) he was living on east bank rd
  7. the malkins they lived across the road from me
  8. i was in the same class as dennis at pipworth and went to silver blades with david
  9. hi kathryn i was born in 1954 i lived at 144 the circle untill 1976 next door lived the lockwoods i used to hang around with trevor smedley they lived just below jacqueline foster:i recon that i must know you
  10. the 9000 series only has one fan , should have had 2 in order to keep it cool in time it will roast the motherboard see hp webpage
  11. you can get it from calow gas on shepcote lane
  12. any one work for the co-op butchery dept in the 70s::
  13. lived opposite standhouse school marie and pauline they lived next door to starmoores
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