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  1. What a small world we live in, the house you know as the Bradleys house was my grandparents house, my nannan was Freda, she was the sister of Stan, she married Albert Hill and they had my dad John Hill who was born in 1960 so would have been only very young at the time you were there, I shall ask my dad to look at this thread
  2. Victormh I live on Park Drive now, no there is still no access through to West Park Drive. My dad John Hill was good friends with Carlos Tarver for many years before he moved over to South Africa I think it was. My grandparents lived in the house next door to Carlos, as they grew older my dad and his brother both built their own houses on land either side of my grandparents and our bungalow was next door to Carlos, I lived there till my teens and bought my own house on Park Drive ten years ago, many of the same people still live there. I wonder if you know Daphne who lived opposite in the semi detached houses, she still lives there now. And there was Ciril and Mary further up the road, Bill and June and Mrs Exton in the very end semi
  3. I wonder if you know any of my family, my dad is 60 and lived in Swallownest all his life, John Hill, his brother is David. My grandparents were Freda and Albert Hill who lived just off Chesterfield Road on Park Drive where there was a garden centre and I believe the Lighthowlers who you mentioned also lived on there. Albert worked at Orgreave I know. Other members of my family who were also Hill's are Henry, Nel and Harry. Henry emigrated to Australia many years ago, Harry lived up the road just off Lodge Lane but has sadly now passed away. Nel moved to Leicester a long time ago.
  4. The glass top on our rattan outdoor table was smashed during a storm. Does anyone know of anywhere local that would make a piece to fit the size we want? Thank you!
  5. As the title says, my 5 year old daughter would really like to join gymnastics (floor based) classes. Does anyone know of any close by to S26 (Aston) please ?.
  6. I am after delivery of some grit sand, will be approximately 5 tonnes and wondering if anyone can recommend a good value supplier that can deliver? We are in Swallownest. Thanks in advance.
  7. Looking to have some concrete delivered to swallownest. Can anyone recommend a good, local, cheap supplier please. Thank you.
  8. Is oldcotes open now please and if so does anyone know how busy it's been getting?. Thanks in advance ?
  9. So i have recently had a new kitchen and swapped my tired old gas cooker for a new electric oven. However i am finding that when slow roasting my joints, i like a good slow roasted pork shoulder and brisket, the results are awful! Before i would slow roast for 4/5 hours at around 100 degrees according to the settings on my gas oven, however when i do the same in my electric oven, what was tender falling apart meat in my gas cooker is tough, horrible meat! I am presuming that the actual temperatures inside my oven do not match that on the dials and this is causing the problem as my electric oven is not actually as hot as it says it is? and my gas oven must have been hotter than the 10 degrees i thought i was setting it to, am i right in my thinking?! any help greatly appreciated! There is a fan assisted setting and non fan setting on my oven, any ideas which is best for roasting? thank you.
  10. My trusty GHD's have broke after quite a few years and i need to replace asap! My mum bought some GHD's recently and i am really unimpressed with them so not going to buy them again. I have been recommended Cloud nine straighteners and the Loreal steampod and i really don't know what to go for . Spending so much money i want to buy the best!. Any recommendations/advice much appreciated!
  11. Thank you very much! i will try these out
  12. Whenever i make flapjack it just never turns out right, it seems too flaky and just doesn't hold together, despite me leaving it till the next day before cutting up . I must have tried nearly 10 recipes but still haven't found a decent one, does anyone have a trusty recipe please?! I have a gas cooker which isn't too good to be honest so i wonder if it might be something to do with that? Thanks in advance for any recipes
  13. As the title says, have you previously worked at Aughton Primary School, if so, i would be very interested in hearing from you, please contact me!
  14. We live within walking distance and are really happy to have this place nearby having 3 young children. We love what i would call "good food" i.e Cricket Inn, Rowleys, Devonshire Arms, those kinds of places, but they are no good for young children. So when we have our children with us Elmwood Farm will be ideal, kids can enjoy themselves and we can all eat decent food at a reasonable price. We wouldn't visit if it was just us two, but for children its just what you want .
  15. Thank you everyone i will have a look into your suggestions.
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