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  1. this is correct, this is why eCloud only use flavours that are made specifically for inhaling unlike the majority of other manufacturers
  2. A few years ago that! I was at that game!
  3. Football is such a global game now it's pointless trying to restrict how many players from different nationalities play in a side. Or would you like to back to the days of players all coming from the city the team is in? We've had many decent English players over the last few years but only two have really made the grade (Hart and Milner) FFP has stopped teams like Wednesday ever having the dream of being taken over and millions pumped into the club.
  4. Not a chance!! Away days in Munich, Barcelona, Dortmund wouldnt change it for the world, and I've had a season ticket at city for over 25 years
  5. I really enjoyed the game and your fans in the majority were a credit to your club. I wouldn't worry about the score as your not going to come up against a team that can move the ball around with the speed we do in the championship You worked very hard first half but that tired you out and were taken part second half when Lampard moved forward a bit. Look forward to seeing you back where you belong soon! WTF was that great big thing that cam on second half?
  6. Gazza, Where did you get it from and does it have the EU marks on it?
  7. Well done on the permission......have you got the gun yet?
  8. No problem Ken........let me know of you find anywhere and I will give you a shout if I do
  9. Not a bad gym but told me off for running barefoot on the treadmill!........said it was dangerous. Strange but the half marathons I do barefoot don't seem dangerous!
  10. I'm looking for some land that a can shoot rabbits etc with an air rifle, any where around Sheffield /Barnsley will suffice. I spent many years in the army so I am experienced with weapons and respectful to the land and boundaries
  11. Not a great price when ecloud do 3x10 ml bottles for £10!
  12. Please make sure his liquids are tested in UK labs as a lot of these market stalls are selling some very dodgy stuff ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 20:53 ---------- Not a chance of this happening unless the liquid has leaked directly into your mouth and you swallow it ---------- Post added 18-09-2013 at 21:00 ---------- Funny the owner is called Craig!
  13. One in Chapeltown and is open until 6 in the evening.....nice lounge area as well!
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