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  1. thats very true, that very often happens. ive been in sheffield 2yrs and waited for psychotherapy, resulted in me complaining via a solicitor only now something is getting done.
  2. I agree with sunblock, Argyll house in Netheredge. It depends who you get but most of them are text book professionals. They don't have the ability to listen or understand anything. More people need to complain about the treatment and service so that other people do not suffer. They willthen think twice about how people are spoken too. Even if we have issues we still have a voice and opinion which should be heard and not treated in such a negative way. Hope u find a good worker and the help that you deserve
  3. No I was sat doing work and guy stole bag from near my feet when i was doing work. Library was full of people but no one was him, but suspected somalian guy acting strange around about. Librarian said no cctv there, and was 7pm so was dusk outside. no where is safe, pretty new to sheffield so makes me feel uneasy, sorry maybe mugged was wrong word. Yeah it was reported and the police came.
  4. hi just wanted to inform everyone especially women to be careful when you are doing work in the central library. On monday I was sat doing some college work and a guy stole my handbag with everything in it in the reference side. I am disabled which made it worse as had no means of getting home. I think the library needs to improve its security systems. I would of given him the money i had on me, instead of taking all my personal possessions, disabled passes and badges etc. Dont know what society is coming too
  5. hey i suffer from anxiety and depression and havent found any support groups, im fairly new to sheffield only been here 3 yrs. I would be interested in a group if you are going to get one up
  6. im a current client who has used them for over a year now. I have had some pretty bad experiences in the past. E.g not knowing if someone is going to turn up,having different people all the time. You are not allowed to book care for any less than a 2hr call. Although getting an overview of different caregivers that have cared for me, they receive excellent training, although be prepared to rush from one end of the city to another and get called last minute to cover calls. They do get paid the minimum wage which isnt fair. I have now employed my own p.as through direct payments when the girl who i got on with left and the agency stuggled to cover my care. Its your decision at the end of the day, you can only try it and see what you think
  7. i would also like to meet other sufferers, having been in treatment and in the recovery stage. I sometimes go to the syeda support group
  8. Im disabled young lady and fairly new to sheffield, im interesting in any disability events. sorry but dont know what CIL is,unfortunately ive got two appts that day, would there be any others in the near future
  9. hi just wanted to say I think its a really good idea. I used to go to SYEDA but its a bit far for me to travel now they have moved and not keen on going out on a night. I would like to meet up in a cafe or something, i would find it helpful because its very isolating and often feel alone
  10. im new to sheffield, im 27 years old and has cerebral palsy. Im looking to speak to a councillor/therapist that specialise in disability issues, does anyone know of any? Also any disability advise centres for adults in sheffield Thanks
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