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  1. Hi I run my soft tissue therapy clinic Bodyadvance from Snao 24-7 fitness at Fox Valley retail park. I specialise in various osteopathic techniques to restore function , decrease tension and prepare people pre event. I’m looking to sponsor a MMA team in Sheffield where fighters can access free massage and treatment. I would look for my logo to be ringside and on a teams website if needed obviously promoting my business. If there is a prominent team out there that would like to send their fighters to my clinic at Stocksbridge, I would love to work with you My website is http://www.bodyadvance.co.uk. Or Please email if interested wayne@bodyadvance.co.uk
  2. I heard someone was going to turn it into a cafe but they had problems with the extraction
  3. so what state is the building in now? what is the area like and has it been let yet?
  4. Looking to hear from a qualified massage therapist who is keen to trade in comfortable space. I'm looking to set up business within a prestigious development in South Yorkshire. Therefore should you require cheap space, and willing to trade under a trading name. Ie similar to paying a salon chair rent please drop me a line Via private message
  5. Im in Penistone on a weekend and want to take up swimming again.. what prices are there for swimming in stocksbridge and do they do early riser swimming in lanes ..if so at what time ? want to get a steady mile out on a sunday morning if it was possible
  6. think you are slightly missing the point lol but thanks for your reply
  7. due to a diagnosed anxiety disorder , i have recently been struggling with training and this has really impacted on my wellbeing quite severely. i was training with lots of bodyweight exercise and specific weight training to get lean and go back to training in krav maga. my training has in fact stopped. I politely ask is there any PT involved with strength conditioning and muscle builiding interested in working with me to get me back on track.. really could do with intense training weekly one to one. I have been so bad that ive been off work since march hence money is definitely an issue .. If interested in helping me out with an intense programme and can structure something on fees , please get in toucn via message. i usually train at muscle madness attercliffe or x4l in doncaster. You will be doing me the ultimate favour
  8. Hi iam interested in hearing from a PT involved with mma who may be interested in working with someone who has had mental health issues as part of rehabilitation. I have been diagnosed with Generalised anxiety disorder and this has seriously impacted on my fitness and body conditioning. Im really needing help with a periodic body transformation with the emphasis being achieving lean mass .. If anyone cal help please private message me and ill give more details..
  9. best place to get protein supps from is predatornutrition.. fantastic service. next day delivery..also weekend delivery, they use dpd couriers who are brill.. best advice around from their support team . company is owned by reggie johal.. look him up if you dont know him.. and ive used them many a time
  10. I have recently started swimming and go religiously every sunday morning with my regime at the moment to swim 40 lengths 1000m. i swim only breast stroke as i find this gives me the workout i need for some strange reason, I always struggle with my breathing during the first part of the swim and get panicked . Think the capacity of my lungs might be the issue. I try swim a deliberate relaxed style but it always is difficullt until i get into the swim.. The more lengths i do , the better the breathing gets. However the problem really is hindering my progress . i have not swam for exercise really at all, only swimming on holiday recreationally. Now i am doing it purely to train for good cardio. My goal here is to improve and get quicker.. can anyone in the sport offer any advice on this problem?? please inbox me as oppose to continuing thread
  11. Hi , i am interested in hearing from any cycling enthusiast who is taking part in the lands end to john o'groats race across britain event. I am taking part in this and plan to use the peaks as the training for this. Just wonder if there any cyclists who know any decent routes to get some mileage in. Never jumped on a bike before and as such will be taking this up completely green and want to actually train correctly . please pm me . also need to purchase a decent road bike which is a mindfield. ---------- Post added 07-09-2013 at 19:21 ---------- very surprised theres no replies.. what with peak district as a cyclists playground lol.
  12. yes intending to take a subscription. .in terms of ap. do you actually need to use an ap.why not just log in from desk top website as you would on a laptop anyway> thanks for your help guys..
  13. actually i was looking at the nexus 7 for said job and thank you for your reply . really appreciate it
  14. hi i am wanting to connect a tablet to my existing exposure cd system. purpose to stream music through spotifi. i dont want a laptop as that will be too bulky so opting for a tablet. what tablet would be recommended ( i wont buy an ipad) and what connect would i need?
  15. looking to have my ford focus deodorised and interally valeted so it smells new inside. live in s13.. any recommendations?
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