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  1. I've sent all my paperwork to the council regarding this. I'm terrified that I'll be chucked in to temporary accommodation when I have a house full of furniture and three pet cats who are my family. I have anxiety, depression and other health issues so I'm struggling to cope with this. Does anyone know how long the waiting list is?.
  2. I haven't asked her yet, but will the next time I see her. S13 isn't too bad to be honest. As long as it's within distance of the city I think we'd be ok. I have checked with the council, I need to pop in with id, letters and such from the landlord.
  3. I will try that, thank you. I'm feeling super discriminated against at the moment for things beyond my control.
  4. My current landlord is selling the house I'm renting and I'm desperately looking for another place to rent long term. I've been living in this property with my children for the past three years and have always paid my rent in full on time. I'm currently receiving housing benefit but this does not affect me paying any bills on time!. I'm looking for a three bed house. S2 would be best so i wouldn't have to put myself and my children through another huge change of area.
  5. I live in S8 and the cars outside have pretty much been snowed in, so theres no way anyone is getting into work today. I haven't been outside to measure it yet but it must be nearly a foot now, maybe over?.
  6. I was made redundant two weeks ago, and theres not much to apply for really, although i have managed to find eight jobs randomly.
  7. I think people should wait for a month or so, but it all depends if you want someone to keep or somebody to mess about with, i don't agree with the one night stand lark though, i think it's pretty bleh.
  8. I'm not sure weather i believe in ghosts or not, i have seen a few things in my life which frightened me, but i'm still unsure about the whole thing.
  9. Today. Breakfast: Never have any really. Dinner: Chicken and Potato soup with a slice of wholemeal toast, yoghurt and an apple afterwards Tea: Chicken, vegetables and rice. Snacks: Peri,peri crisps and some Natural confectionary company sour worms (yummy)
  10. How does that woman stand on those legs?? They look like they would break at any moment.
  11. If a person is sound in mind then they should be able to choose if they live or die, it's their choice and their choice alone.
  12. I'm angry that anybody wants to cull anything, what right do we have to cull a species?, just because a child pulled on a foxes tail and it happened to bite him, People are getting stupier and stupider as time goes on.
  13. I don't mind weather i get any colour or not. People who obsess over getting a tan are quite sad really, and the people who use excessive amounts of tanning lotion look like complete freaks in my books. Infact i saw a girl in Chapeltown yesterday and she'd only applied tanning lotion to her legs, so she had a white face, neck and chest area but brown legs, laughable. Be proud of who you are.
  14. I'm off for a day trip tomorrow there and was wondering if anybody has any tips as to which chippy to go to!?. Somebody has suggested the North Bay Fisheries!?. Thanks in advance.
  15. Breakfast: Glass of water (i don't really eat in the morning as it makes me feel ill). Dinner: One ham, lettuce and mustard sandwich with olive spread. A handful of blueberries and black grapes. A glass of water. Tea: Chicken, rice and vegetables with a little garlic and cheese. A large glass of water. Supper: A small packet of crisps, some fig rolls and a lemon and ginger tea.
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