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  1. Aimee at http://www.koppla-av.com or sheffield mobile massage on Facebook.
  2. Anyone know whats going on with this place?. Its been closed for ages yet seems to be well kept from the outside.
  3. Bar the crows both rabbit and wood pigeon are delicious, organic and free range. They cause havoc for farmers and land owners alike. They will be culled some how and at least I'm going to make use of them.
  4. Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone can point me towards any land owners that would be happy to grant Permision to shoot on their land. Rabbits, Pigeons, Crows ect. Thanks
  5. on the first day of recruiting drivers the whole of john street was chocka block with taxis going to the united ground to sign up. city should just sell to uber and have done
  6. On Iphone it only needs access to location while using and cellular data. Doesn't ask for contacts and you can turn off photos.
  7. It's a very well established business that has been running for years with no reports of data loss or privacy issues. Due to the way the app works it needs acces to location settings, profile picture ect and you can link it to other apps or payment details.
  8. love it and the fact they are offering the first ride free up to £15 is great. Going to make life alot easier. Hope they bring Uber Black and Uber Lux soon
  9. Cant wait for Uber, so much easier, cheaper and far nicer cars. Some of the taxis I have been in recently have been horrendous.
  10. Potentially but all they do is help the diesel ignite for the engine to run. Its bizarre your lights, electrics radio ect aren't working but central locking is. Does it continue to run after being Jumped?.
  11. I have heard lots of good things about this Nick Thompson. Do you know the name of his garage?. Isit just VAG or all German cars. Looking for someone to look at my merc. With it being a diesel it could need new glow plugs. ---------- Post added 08-04-2015 at 13:16 ---------- also is it clicking when you try to turn the key?
  12. Hail comes with Thunderstoms which generally happen in summer. However we just had a thunderstorm and therefore it was hail and not sleet. Have a Google.
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