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  1. Is it possible to hire a stairlift or such like for an event? I have a function booked in an upstairs rooms with no official disabled access and the stairs are too much for my grandmother. Has anyone heard of any solutions for this??:confused:
  2. Hi, Could anyone tell me anything about their experience of dining at Hilton Victoria Quays, esp. sunday lunch? Thanks:)
  3. Drove past corner where McDonalds meets (Farm Rd?) at about 11.30 this morning.. about 9 police cars, police tape and cameras. Does anyone know what happened? Saw a bag and stuff on the side of the road in the area that was cordoned off... Hope it wasn't serious.
  4. Have u tried Mosborough Hall? Nice meal for your 21st with private dining...
  5. cgksheff - are you for real? Who'd want rat balls in their pudding?
  6. Yes but I am particulary interested by Damson. Does anybody know what it it?
  7. Has anybody tried this dish? If so, what was it like?
  8. I had my ears pierced when i was six. I was old enough to know that i wanted it and i have never regretted it. And my ears look perfectly normal. I disagree with piercing the ears of a baby, but at 6 i think its fine.
  9. Id really recommend Alan Henshaw. He taught me to drive and was really good. Very nice honest man.
  10. Have you thought about trying Mosborough Hall? They do a 3 course meal for £9.95. This is between 12-2pm, and 6-7pm. Called The Early Bird. Really nice quality food. Would recommend ordering sides, but those are a mere £2 and plenty enough for 2 people to share.
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