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  1. Yes, I have witnessed their behaviour and it really is quite unpleasant to see. The irony is that she is a really nice woman and looks out for one of the old people on the street (sends Christmas cards/looks in on her to make sure she is ok). I just wish we could have more of a sense of community like in the War (without having to have the blitz to bring out the spirit of 'neighbourliness', that is!).
  2. Hi. I have a disabled friend who lives on quite a 'nice' street in Meersbrook (lots of young professionals/teachers/charity workers). They have totally shunned her beacause of her disablity. What would you do? I simply don't understand some people's mentaility.
  3. Do you understand irony? I hear that Americans have 'issues' with it. Suggest you go see a therapist; most American have one do they not?
  4. I couldn't agree more. Sheffield born and bred. Makes me proud to be part of such a great community. Respect to you all. What a fantastic bunch of people you all are.
  5. Yeah, One of my faves too .. saw them at the Total Eclipse festival at the Lizard in Cornwall back in 1999. Fab
  6. mmm .. it is certainly true that what goes around comes around. Call it 'Karma' if you will (I trust you have a dictionary, just in case you don't know what that means).
  7. I suggest you 'Zip It' for once, Bungle .. blowing your own trumpet as per. Braggart. Tis nothing to swell with pride about to broadcast the fact that you may be 'rod***ing' your own therapist (pardon the pun - or is it a play on words - you tell me, as you seem to know most things). Sorry. But it had to be said. Alcoholism is not a 'disease', it's just an excuse for not facing up to reality. Sorry if this may sound harsh, but sometimes you need to be encouraged to take a good long hard look at yourself. I take it that you have a mirror somewhere in the house? Do you shave? Get a grip. On Reality. my friend.
  8. Is this the case of the big guy picking on the little guy then? Do you find that acceptable? To me it's just bullying, plain and simple.
  9. Know of someone who has just been ripped off blind by a guy who has a number of (?genuine) recommendations on here. PM me if you're not sure if any quote you get seems too good to be true, & I'll let you know if it rings any bells.
  10. Would like to be of some help here .. not familiar with Wisewood (come from South West side of the city) & do not possess a decent torch. Where is the Methodist church, and is it likely for petrol stations to sell torches?
  11. I'm sure all the gay people on the forum sh/would have something to say about this issue too.
  12. Did you say it to her face? Best seek legal representaton quick .. you may be facing a hefty prison sentence.
  13. Just to clarify. Before you make any kind of assumptions about my friend's powers of reasoning, might I make the the differentiation between seeking advice and requiring attention. Obviously one does not ignore a head injury, and my friend consulted their G.P. the day after the fall as to what to do. The advice proferred was to leave it a couple of weeks, and if it still hurt, then to go for an x-ray. Unfortunately events intervened, and my friend sought help. I'm glad that you enjoyed your stay in the head injury ward and were treated appropriately.
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