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  1. think youve taken me wrong, hes a house dog but when i go out i leave him outside and when i say a kennel i mean a small wooden thing in the corner of the garden with a felt roof not a proper dog kennel where hes penned in, he has the choice of the garden and then to go in the kennel when he wants, hes got the choice there if it rains. I never pen my dog up, the only thing hes penned in by is of course the garden fences thats all. When im in hes either bouncing round the garden or inside with me. He sleeps in the kitchen at bedtime in his bed with no trouble i just wouldnt leave him cooped indoors when i go out thats all, took me ages to house train him as he was an older rescue and not a tiny puppy so i dont want to encourage him having to mess in the house cos i wasnt there to let him out, hence why he gets left in garden to run around at his hearts content.
  2. thats why i gave in as i would never leave him long in the cage and im usually out over an hour really so hence why ive never bothered and he gets the full run of the garden. Hes good generally in he garden he just needs a shelter thats all if it happens to rain
  3. Yes ive tried crating him but hes petrified of cages etc (he was a rescue and has been through a lot) and he went mental in it, sc reaming, pulling on until he got out, he used to mess in it on purpose too cos he was frightened so i wont do that to him.
  4. well i know i wasnt going that quick so im hoping il be ok then!!!
  5. Ive had a trainer round and he said hes just a chewer naturally and he may well grow out of it and all i can do is stop him when he does it when im there and stop him from pinching, so in the meantime ill just have to put up with it but he needs s cosy place now the weathers getting bad for just a few hours throughout the week when i have to go out
  6. Oh god no way would i have a plastic one, he loves plastic, its his favourite thing to chew up!!
  7. aluminium profile, is that what i need that can be bent round and somehow attached to all the edges of the kennel?
  8. thanks, its not thboredom andhe has 2 kongs and millions of toys, hes just a chewer, he does it when im thre also, he pinches things off me all the time! i need to buy a new kennel and try and find the right metal material that can be put round all the edges somehow!!
  9. thank you and god yes ive learnt my lesson, ive never sped in my life!!!
  10. Now i have rescued a rottweiler collie cross male dog approx now 12 mths old and he loves chewing, i only work a few hours a week but he stays in the garden when i go out, i bought a new kennel for him, carpeted it, bought a rubber type door thing he can walk into to stop wind & rain coming in, he had his ben in ther e- the lot! He diced to take the carpet out and chew that up then take the floor out of it and yep chew it and then took the tongue & groove panels off the front!! Therefore it has ended up in the tip! Now i need to buy a new kennel but i wonder if i can edge it in metal but god knows where i can get metal from that would fit round the edge of kennel and the door, any suggestions on how i can do this? I dont actually live in the sheffield area but i do have b&q's etc round my way, im just stuck...
  11. thank you, i only asked one question, this is getting rather over the top now!!
  12. I wasnt parti ularly tired i just wanted to get where i was heading, its dark and i dont really like drving in dark and there were no men working either!
  13. true! i think they are dangerous too, people suddenly breaking when they see them on a motorway - pure danger!!!
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