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  1. Wow a whole £54 in booze between 9 people while having a meal, in which they were sat at the restaurant for quite a while. They then watched a football match. If this is a news story then just end the news now. I believe that Kerry has stood up for the police and asked if the officer can return to Kos, as this is putting the investigation in jeopardy.
  2. Apologies it's late, but it may help people in the future. Try http://www.facebook.com/eurocab2000 Specialist accessible transport operator. I have used them before and they are fantastic.
  3. Its opposite Ron Hulls on the way into Barbot Hall Ind Estate, near Playworld, as you come from Retail World.
  4. Been going here for a few months now and shifted quite alot, found it better than the gym Might be of interest to a few. Its more a fitness centre than gym. They run a range of classes and its pay as you go. Each class is 30 mins. It's decent £3.50 per class and first one free Loads of before and after pics of people that go on their facebook too https://www.facebook.com/PivotalFitnessUK
  5. Pay as you go networking: http://thefirmnetworking.co.uk/ http://www.thetradeshub.com/ Paid Membership: BNI The Fruit Tree 4 Networking Loads of other local groups aswell as Chamber networking etc.
  6. The A4E work program comes after a year. Basically means the job centre passes you off onto one of their programs and you visit them instead of the job centre and they train you in how to get ready for interviews etc ....
  7. Hi Zoe Have a look on here for some business type themes. There are some really stunning ones that you can use to give that Ooomph that you require. http://themeforest.net/ Most are fairly simple to use also. Cheers
  8. Hi We recently swapped 3 of our sites (that get over 100k unique users per month, although the basketball site only came over yesterday) onto a VPS Server and it is brilliant for speed. If you want to check out the speed the sites are: www.myevertonnews.com www.theevertonforum.com and www.rotherhambasketball.co.uk We use a chap in Wakefield that i'd highly recommend www.orangealien.co.uk He's called Simon and will talk you through your needs if you need him too
  9. Hi All Wickersley Vikings are after new players for next season when we compete in the Sheffield Basketball League. We train at Maltby Leisure Centre, Rotherham on Sunday Nights - 6 - 8pm. It's a fairly decent standard. Check out our new website at www.rotherhambasketball.co.uk Cheers
  10. It was Sponduly Steve. Lack of funds to drive it forward hampered it so it was shut down. Jon now runs a social media business
  11. Try these mate. Pay and go networking: http://thefirmnetworking.co.uk/ There is also one called business 4 breakfast
  12. Hiya Sorry for the delay. The company hasn't gone under. I started it 2 years ago and recently took on local investors. At the end of November, I took a step back from running the company and a new team was brought in to handle day to day affairs. That went belly up, so I believe the investors are looking for a new team. In the last 5 or 6 days, I have been processing refunds. Any requests, email admin@citydealoftheday.co.uk with all the details. Im not officially working in any capacity with the company anymore, but where I can help until the new team is in place, I will. cheers
  13. Have a look at these run by a mate of mine. He does loads of businesses across South Yorkshire. https://www.facebook.com/SAMBusinessServices First month free if you sign up by the 31st, so gives you a good chance to try the services
  14. Have you contacted Charities etc.... Why not speak to Rotherham Hospice, Soup Kitchens, find a family that may have suffered a house fire recently? One I can recommend who we have promoted recently is Abi Birchill's charity for her daughter, Sophies wish http://sophieswish.org.uk/
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