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  1. Just thought I'd let you know that Sheffield Centre for Independent Living offers a free and confidential advocacy service to disabled people in Sheffield who are struggling to access NHS funded services. Why not give one of the Advocacy workers a call on 2536750? They might be able to help and act as a "middle-man" with your GP, or at least sign-post you to some suitable help and support.
  2. So what is the "Right to Control"? This is a Government iniative that gives choice and flexibility over how you recieve your social care support from the local authority. It gives disabled people, who access many funding streams, more control by incorporating them into one pot. Funding included in the Right to Control includes, your social care budget, Jobcentre plus disability employment help, funding for adaptations to your home, funding to maintain a tenancy and funding from the Independent Living Fund. Right to Control will streamline the assessment process for all these different types of funding into one assessment and one pot of money. The implications of this new iniative will be significant for disabled people who receive funding and support from these different sources. Sheffield has successfully been selected as a trail-blazer site for the Right to Control and all new applications to any of the fundings streams from 1st December will access them via the Right to Control approach. Sheffield CIL and Sheffield City Council will be hosting a workshop on Thursday 10th June from 10.30 am - 1.00 pm at The Circle, Rockingham Lane Sheffield. We invite all disabled citizens in Sheffield to attend this event to help shape the service and map how existing application processes work and how they can be stream-lined. If you are interested in attending please contact joanne.armitage@inclusivesheffield.org.uk Places will be limited and restricted to disabled people, so please let Joanne know if you would like to attend.
  3. Do you know whether you mum's strokes at 40 were due to aneurysms? Generally speaking there are 2 types of stroke. One is where a blood vessel becomes blocked which is consistent with high cholesterol and one is where an aneurysm has burst. (An aneurysm is a weakness in a blood vessel and it starts to swell up like a balloon and then bursts due to high blood pressure). If your mum had aneurysms please note they are often hereditary - especially if they occur in younger people. Mention it to your GP if you go to see him about your migraines.
  4. Hi Plain Talker, Scooters can be expensive but there are a lot of very good condition second-hand ones available. By their very nature, scooters are often owned by elderly people - therefore often become available to buy second-hand. Go to the Sheffield Carers centre website and download the latest edition of their newsletter. Towards the back of the publicatin is the classified ads section. There are 2 scooters listed in this month's edition - one for £250 and one for £320. Follow the link http://www.sheffieldcarers.org.uk/site/index.php?page=publications&keep_session=1663520
  5. Hi - Has anyone in your family ever had a brain haemorrhage or stroke? Particularly if they were relatively young (ie - under 50)? From being a teenager I suffered terrible migraines on a regular basis. Doctor dismissed them as insignificant. Then when I was 30 I started getting them more frequently and more severely. One day I went to bed with a migraine and woke up in hospital 3 months later. (I'd suffered a brain haemorrhage). Only the day before the heamorrhage I went to see the optician to see whether my eyes were the problem and only a week before I went to see my GP - He recommended a relaxation tape to listen to!!! For several weeks before my brain haemorrhage I started suffering the most agonising pain you can imagine for only a few seconds/minutes immediately after having an orgasm. It was so severe it put me off having sex with my boyfriend. I've been told that at the point of orgasm your blood pressure goes through the roof and that the aneurysm in my head was swelling at that moment. I've even been told by a GP that one of his patients actually died from a massive brain heamorrhage whilst having sex!! If the pain is severe, is in one very specific place inside your head every time (rather than in random areas) and is just as likely to happen in the mornings as at any other time of day - insist on a hospital referral. Especially if you have a family history of strokes. A CT scan will not show up aneurysms - They are usually too small. The only way an aneurysm can be detected is by angiography at the hospital. Most tension and stress related headaches happen from lunch-time onwards. If you get severe pain in the mornings and it isn't due to caffine, alcohol, being over-tired etc there's a possibility that there's a clinical reason for it.
  6. In my opinion all domicilliary care agencies are dire!!! They employ people on minimum wage and over-work them. Agency carers run into the clients home 3 times a day and throw a cheese sandwich at them with a cup of tea and then they're off!! Total call time 2 minutes 30 seconds. They then charge the client or local authority top price. My advice - If you need home care support look into a direct payment and employ your own personal assistants.
  7. I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss. Sheffield Centre for Independent Living is a charitable organisation who helps disabled people. Contact their advocacy team and information service for advice and support on 2536750 - they may be able to sign-post you to the right places for help.
  8. If any Sheffield citizens with a disability, or an interest in disability would like to attend the Launch of the Sheffield CIL on Thursday 18th March from 10.30 am - 1.30 pm at the Salvation Army Citadel on Psalter Lane, please get in touch with joanne.armitage@inclsuivesheffield.org.uk.
  9. Hi Honeyb. I note you live in High Green. My mum had a passport done at the Photography studio on Burncross Road, Chapeltown (across from the library). The photography room is quite big with a large screen behind and it didn't cost her a lot of money - Think it was about £8 a few years ago. I believe access to the room should be ok, although I think there's a very small step into the shop front. If you explain to the passport office that your son cannot keep his head still and look directly into the camera they should fully understand. Remind them of their requirements under the terms of the disability discrimination act and the disability equality scheme that all government departments have to produce and ahere to. Regards - Jo
  10. :) Yes. I can confirm that the new centre is now open.
  11. It should be opening very soon. My friend fitted new fire prevention equipment at the site only the other day. (They usualy fit fire extinguishers after all alterations have been made just before re-opening).
  12. I suspect that most of the pro-early Christmas posts were from women and the bah-humbug type stuff was from blokes who can't be bothered to think about Christmas until 2 days before - then run around town like made lunatics buying nasty toiletries cos they can't think of anything else !!! Yet isn't it strange that its the men who expect the women in their lives to make Christmas perfect for them ??? You know - the ladies do all the shopping, planning, card-writing, present-wrapping, cooking, tree-decorating etc. Men just show up, expect everything to be perfectly organised by the women in their lives and get drunk !!! I not only have to buy and deliver all the presents for my family but also for my bloke's family. Why ??? Where in the division of labour does it say that women sort Christmas out ?? I'm coming back as a bloke next time round - I can do drunk, having fun and leave all the organising to the little woman
  13. My mum had this problem. She had cancer with surgery and lots of follow up treatment then a few months later she went on holiday to the caribbean. Insurance companies refused to insure her at the usual premium level. My mum told them that her cancer had been treated and that she was unlikely to require any medical treatment whilst away but they still insisted that she was an additional risk. Therefore she contacted her cancer specialist at Western Park and got a letter from him stating that for the 2 week holiday duration she was no more likely to need medical treatment than anyone else. The result of that was that the insurance company charged her the usual going rate of £35 (or there abouts).
  14. I went to Ecclesfield between 81 and 86. Can't say I have fond memories. My little brother was there more recently though. Apparently they finished the "astro-turf" pitch in the final year before he left - and guess what ??? The lads weren't allowed to play football on it at break time or lunch time ??? What's the point in fitting an astro-turf pitch if no-ones allowed to use it
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