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  1. Arr I wondered how quickly that would crop up. Funny I thought we were just talking about the merits of a football kit on a topic about Wednesday started by a Blade. I'm sure it will sell by the trough load after all it's got 3 stripes and an ADIDAS badge on it as well as being Gammon, sorry 'glory' pink.
  2. Could be worse, could have had a pink kit 😆
  3. "The world's oldest football rivalry - an 1862 fixture descended, quite naturally, into fisticuffs - and perhaps the fiercest outside the Premier League, one that has showed no signs of abating despite both clubs falling on hard times." Err Wednesday were formed in 1867 and United in 1889
  4. Well recent results there haven't been good 6-0 and 5-0 losses. Good job they're not scoring many at the moment! If we get a draw that'll be an excellent result but I can only foresee a spanking especially after the beating we gave them at Hillsborough, they'll be up for revenge.
  5. Yeah Grapps but that's like saying that Chatsworth House isn't as good as a refurbished Vic Hallam on Norfolk Park just because the chavs have bought a 50" Plasma TV for their living room!
  6. Yeah but who have the Blades signed this January? Oh and I seem to remember Toronto getting Torsten Frings and Robert Earnshaw. They didn't exactly set the MLS on fire.
  7. Glad someone brought this up. After watching the documentary going into it I assumed that the Secret Service Officer was in a car in front of the Kennedy's. After seeing that he was behind how does someones head go back towards the direction of the bullet (same if it was LHO who fired the last shot) and not forward due to the inertia from the bullet? They never covered this in the documentary. Back and to the left, back and to the left...
  8. Err bit late with this news aren't you, he went there a month ago.
  9. These Geordie fans are all 'Not For Kinnear'
  10. Alright Grappler, nah mate I didn't see that but I'd be no use to him anyway coz I didn't handle any of the code that was Rich he hoarded all that stuff. All I've got that's Actua related is some perspex block award thingy, he can have that if he wants it
  11. Maybe because you believed they were leaked from EA so they must be right, hence you believed them to be correct. If you've ever played FIFA anyone can create kits using the creation center and post on Owlstalk. To be honest that fake away kit is better than the actual one. It looks like Puma just phoned in their design for that.
  12. I work for EA on FIFA and not being funny like but why would we 'leak' the Wednesday kits? We're not THAT massive and anyway as proven today they away kit is totally wrong (well except the colours) so you've been had. Still gets EA some publicity
  13. Stick with Jones, he's a bloody good manager! For a start this years Championship was freakish. For Wednesday to be worrying about relegation with 55 points on the last day would never normally happen and, as pointed out, we were only 10 points from the play-offs. Where Jones went wrong was with some of his first half of the season signings like Rodri, Pecnik, Amado, Bothroyd, Sidibe, Taylor, Mattock who just didn't work out. People naturally tend to focus on the negatives but don't forget about he also signed Kirkland, Gardner, Antonio, Lee, Olofinjana, Lita who made a big impact this season. Also I'm not 100% sure that some of these signings were actually ones that Jones wanted to make, seemed like there was some influence from Mandaric and Aldridge. Remember Danny Uchechi and David Kasnik under Megson. As for his managerial record in the past he's taken teams like Stockport up the leagues and to the semi-finals of a domestic cup, took Wolves into the Premier League and turned Cardiff from a team scrapping around the lower half of the Championship to multiple play-offs and an FA Cup final! I for one wouldn't mind having some of the success Cardiff had when he was in charge even if he ended up losing, at least they were there and he set the foundations for where they are now. Also I never get why fans get so hung up on managers not seeming to have any 'passion'. Standing arms folded on the touchline or being dour in interviews, to be fair some of the questions asked deserve his contempt, does not make him a bad manager. I bet when Morgan was put in charge across the city they expected passion and maybe he was animated on the touchline (I don't know as I didn't watch any matches when he was in charge) but the results didn't happen. Yet because it's 'Morgs' he's given a bit more leeway. Maybe we need to start calling our boss 'Jonesy' Stick with Jones and next season we'll be in the top half and the last day of the season in May 2014 might just see us pushing for the play-offs.
  14. So United wanted to make the ticket prices even cheaper for tonight's game but were scuppered by the Football League eh. Blades Compromise Over Tickets Things must be bad resorting to this. Reading the story it comes across like United didn't want to share out their gate receipts as they are seen as the 'Cash Cow' (surely they mean Piggy Bank?) of League 1. Serious question though, is it just me or is it always the attitude 'Glass Half Empty' for Blades and 'Glass Half Full' for Owls. One going for promotion has trouble selling tickets yet one faced with relegation gets a bumper crowd
  15. MLS is like that. Top four teams in each conference go into the MLS Cup which is effectively a league play off so a team could run away with the league but get knocked out in the playoff
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