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  1. What, huh! Who? Who will sit on the poor child and take his nuts? Students? Tramps? White collar workers on their lunch hour?
  2. I don't think they participate in the sales, except possibly Black Friday. However, if you're a student or a teacher / lecturer then you are eligible for an education discount of 10 to 20% off computers.
  3. Lakeland at Meadowhall. I bought a box of 12 for about £7. The lids were and extra £3 or so. Not really very cheep, but they're nice.
  4. Hi-5 for pro-activeness & optimism. A little can go a long way
  5. Whoops! Typo in your thread title. Though the U and I are next to each other, so an easy mistake to make.
  6. I was sat it traffic on my way home from work when I saw it. Huge, bright and awesome! Again! Again!
  7. The Locksmith - Super awesome. 09/10 L'arnacoeur / Heartbreaker - Good 08/10 Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel - Terrible, kill it with fire 02/10 The Other Guys - Funny stuff 08/10 Inception - Good story 09/10
  8. Yes I've also been stopped a few times - auto theft, house burglary... But never bike burglary!? Oh, and by the way - you are an odd ball. *performs secret hand shake*
  9. You're debating the the policies of a McDonald's / KFC? Firstly. Be aware that if you eat at these kind of places, you're already, well, let's just say, stupid! Secondly, if you eat there and then progress to talk about it on the internet, you're a full blown moron in charge of polishing the stupid trophy. No offence.
  10. I'd go one further and say anybody who does it at all is very unusual!
  11. Choice? That place should be called the Specialized & Cateye store.
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