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  1. thanks for that info! i find it hard to believe that c&a were ever there, its such a long time ago. i remember boots being upstairs and downstairs and i miss pollards the cafe... anyway, thanks again, im no longer puzzling over it - alders was the name i was looking for!
  2. The council noise pollution team are pretty good - be prepared to keep detailed and accurate records There may well be tenant rules or leasehold conditions covering the keeping of poultry at the property. Good luck
  3. Can anyone remember what shop was in the place that Boots now occupies? I think when meadowhall first opened the shop was c&a, but after that it was some sort of home furnishing shop that I can't remember the name of. Can anyone else help? Thanks
  4. thanks for that - so the price has gone up a fair bit since last year then? is chapel jewellers the one on crookes?
  5. does anyone know the details - ive heard you can now park for free at weekends in council car parks across the city? ive tried the council website for confirmation but the site is out of action at present. are the car parks free all the time saturday and sunday? thanks
  6. Thanks all. I don't remember there being any tunnels to explore at Magna but it's years ago since I last went. I'll pass the information on, my friend is keen to visit
  7. About 4weeks ago, Channel 4 showed their Rat Race programme filmed in Sheffield. I didn't see it myself. Apparently they showed a ski slope with toboggans, which I assume was the ski village at Shirecliffe. They also showed an old steel works with tunnels and things to explore. Does anyone know where this steel works is? I've been asked about it by an out of towner who says it looked like it was worth a visit. Thanks.
  8. so, Tom Cobley where do i find one of these registered government precious metal watsits?
  9. cheers all - caravan now has a happy new home:D its nice that someone can make use of it!
  10. Hi pmeepj, just interested to know what you did with your caravan in the end - im in a similar position this weekend and the caravan has to go!
  11. mornin' all. i like graves for swimming - used to go early every sunday morning and there was a friendly, regular gathering. the water is not too hot or cold and the water level is level with the tiles around the side of the pool so its easy to get in and out anywhere around it without using the steps. not sure what they do now but it used to be a 'hand your belongings in on a basket and get an numbered rubber band' place:cool:
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