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  1. do the towel trick lol its worked on plenty of my mates 360's and they still working to this day.
  2. here we go again, someone else aving a pop. i dont care how hard day and night they work, thats life, they want to get the postmen that dont care or dont do their job propperly and give them a good kick up the arse, otherwise get shot of them.
  3. i wish we had our old postman back because this new one we have is a young lad and he dunt care at all, i saw him go to a house across the road and its all open, no privet on front so you could see his door from yards away and the postman just got a parcel out and just put it on the step without even attempting to knock on the door. but noooo i mension something like this and people on here straight away jump down your throat and call you lazy and be nasty to you. well to those that have called me lazy and left a not called for comment, why dont u get lost u nasty gets and to those that say they get crap pay, i dont think they do mate, because they get a lot better pay than other people i know that are in a even more rubbish job and some that are not in so much of a rubish job. my mum knows someone whos husband is a postman and she said he gets around £2,000 a month, now to me if you say that int a good pay then you must be rolling in that much money of you own and think you are good, that you dont even realise its a good pay.
  4. i would love to get a job but that seem imposible at the minute as there is nowt. and i never complain about postmen but we have not got our original postman (who is always early and seems a good postman, but this one half the time if you have a parcel he never knocks on the door he just chucks it on the step, thats why i really started this thread, he dont seem botherd about his job. and as i said about the time of the classes, why bother with 1st class when 2nd class always seems to arrive first.
  5. who is getting fed up of royal mail now? 2nd class seems to be faster than 1st class, also our postman comes round at around 3 o'clock sometimes teatime. they need to pull their socks up and sort it out.
  6. i also sing on on the 18th at the hillsbrough one, and normally when ive signed on i get paid the following wednesday. dno about the dates for nxt week.
  7. to be honest it looks like these things have been discontinued or something because nearly every website or store ive looked at they are all out of stock. Ebay theres none at all, amazon says they are unavailable and play.com dont have them. so really its not looking good for getting a new one.
  8. if it aint worth owt but it still works and browses the net then give it away as there maybe loads of people that would love a pc but cant really aford to buy one.
  9. they are illegal, bevause they hack the ds to play pirated games, nintendo relased firmware v.1.4 for the dsi to block the use of these cards. we have one and it has been updated to 1.4 and now the card does not work.
  10. just bought a vga adaptor off ebay £16.50 and its coming from newcastle.
  11. lol that a bit too complicated for me and i can hardly solder, plus i dont want to open up and cut my dreamcast to bits. im securing a deal with someone on ebay they got one on bid which stands at a tenner and im adding £6.50 onto the price and he said he will accept it. because before i offered him £15. theres only the ones from canada which are the next cheapest ones which come under £20.
  12. just do what i did when my spring broke and the trigger jammed, i opened the pad up even tho i dint know wot i was doing and then after about 40 mins trying to get the little pieces of plastic back on round the triggers it had fixed it and the trigger worked just that it was a bit spongy and floppy because there was no spring suppor, the trigger does get sensitive aswel when the spring has gone. i played on grand theft auto with it and when the pad vibrates it knocked the trigger and kept braking the car or shooting.
  13. lol ive never fixed one before, ive opened one up and got fustrated because a few tiny pieces came off and i could not get them back on because of my big fingers lol, the spring job looks quite complicated and could do with tweezers and a very steady hand.
  14. found a cheap dreamcast VGA box, trouble is its in canada so dno weatha to order one or not, should be safe because ive ordered from hongkong before so. the box is £11.07 and P&P is £7.99. theres loads more at different prices. when u look on the list it tells you the prices in £ but when u click on an item to view it, it pops up in $. http://shop.ebay.co.uk/?_from=R40&_trksid=p3907.m38.l1313&_nkw=sega+dreamcast+vga&_sacat=See-All-Categories theres the uk ones at top but i never noticed the ones down the botttom of the page.
  15. its a nice price tht int it. good luck to him.
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