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  1. Hello all, Not sure if this is a common problem but I will be grateful to anyone with any ideas and suggestions- We've recently had our roof re-done (with building regs approval) and all was signed off fine etc- we have had a few bits of mortar from the pointing tiles fall off however. I had thought it was a bad mix but I've also noticed a magpie pecking at the roof. I'm pretty sure it's him/her that is breaking it up. Short of shooting it (I don't have a firearm) I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance:loopy:
  2. My parents have it and they hate it. It is an old system though so maybe newer versions are better...
  3. Who does laprascopic surgery- or has a particular interest in it.
  4. Anyone had gynae treatment at the RHH? If so who was the consultant and would you recommend them?
  5. I have a pump in the cellar that gets rid of dishwasher and kitchen sink water. The instructions say it needs s 5A fuse and wiring directly into mains. As a temporary measure until electrician can come on Monday can I just fit a plug with a 5A fuse and run a cable?
  6. I think you can ask the selling party to buy some sort of insurance that would cover you for any work done that did not conform to building regs. I think our solicitor requested that when we bought our place which had been empty for a while but had clearly had dome work done to it.
  7. In the process of converting our cellar, and looking for insulation to go on the floor above the initial concrete pad and underneath the underfloor heating/screed layer, The issue is head room and the thinner the better as long as it meets the required U value- so does anyone know the thinnest insuation with the highest U value? Thanks in advance
  8. In Sheffield tonight on TV now. Some good Clegg-bashing to start
  9. I'm hoping to tank/waterproof/dryline our cellar. Couple of questions: I've read about various systems= dimpled membrane, waterproof treatment with membrane and backfilling a new internal wall with concrete to keep said membrane attached to outside wall, pumped systems. Anybody with any of these and their experience of them? Thoughts? Costs? Also ballpark figures for conversion of a cellar to a kitchen/living area... about 6x6m. Some underpinning required:gag:
  10. you really are clueless. I bet you drive a chelsea tractor.
  11. How odd. I work in Sheffield during the week but go back to Bristol at the weekend and the wife and I noticed it was quiet in Bristol today. Must be something to with back to school-itis or longest period between paydays so people saving up?
  12. that's kind of you- is it a pitched roof or lean to style?
  13. the long answer: for the dimensions we are looking at (6 x3m) upvc would have to be aluminium reinforced anyway which doesn't make it any cheaper. also get a wider range of colours with aluminium. short answer: the wife wants it...
  14. Anybody got one of these and used a local supplier- I've tried trawling the internet and can't seem to find anybody in sheffield who sells aluminium. Any suggestions?
  15. Thanks for the replies- Thankfully I'm not living there yet (house still a shell) so have time to sort this one out.
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