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  1. story here... http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/strong-police-presence-in-sheffield-suburb-after-false-alarm-over-report-of-weapons-1-8035432
  2. I'm fortunate enough to live on the 52 route and normally use this bus for my daily commute, however last week Thursday and Friday evening I spent 45 minutes each day waiting for buses that never turned up. The beginning of the week was no better waiting at least 30 minutes each day (sometimes much longer) and finding halfway home we were being taken off one bus and put on the bus behind so that our bus could go out of service as it was too late. Well I am also a car driver and have to say I've gone back to using the car this week, the 52 is probably one of the most frequent bus routes in Sheffield and if its that bad on there I dread to think what its like on the less frequent routes.
  3. I'm in S13, im with Sky for both internet and phone and both died at around 11pm last night so the problem must have been with Sky
  4. Bins were collected in Woodhouse this morning as normal, and the bin men were on the streets of Handsworth when I went through this morning, sounds like they just missed your road
  5. I don't deliberately park outside their house, I park there only if there is nowhere else to park, I will go out of my way not to park outside their house because of their behaviour. However if I have had to park outside their house due to their being no other space, then I find that for the next few days, they deliberately park outside my house even if there is space outside their own, and park their cars right up to mine to block me in.
  6. I too live on a street of two rows of terraced houses. Several households on my street have 2 or 3 cars (sometimes more when family are there or work vehicles are brought home also). There are a few people on my street who are clearly rubbish at parking and leave large spaces between cars. There are also others who get upset if you park outside their house, and you find that they start to block in you using their 2 cars or deliberately start parking outside your house. Its so bad on my road that I don't want to go out as I know I wont be able to park when I come back. Parking problems are a nightmare. There is very little you can do about it other than move.
  7. Blonk street is £2.50 all day, its a bit further out about 5-10 minutes walk but might be useful to know.
  8. I worked opposite this when they opened the road up. It used to be just a little lane that didn't go right to the bottom. Then they spent weeks, and loads of hassle opening it up and turning it into a proper road. They then immediately made it buses only, though I've never seen one use it and several months later blocked it off. Its been like it ever since. Its crazy, the roadworks were there ages when they did it and all for nothing, its the most pointless road ever.
  9. I agree with this, when I was involved with the solicitors that the estate agent wanted me to use, everything went via the estate agent, delayed everything and it was like they worked for the estate agent instead of me. Get your own solicitor who works for you, keep the lines of communication open with the solicitor and everything should be fine, the estate agent is there to sell the house only, once the offer is in its down to the solicitors
  10. When I was buying my house the estate agents tried to get me to use a certain solicitor, they charged me a fee for doing so (this was to the estate agent and separate to the solicitors fee), turned out it was a kind of call centre set up, they were rubbish. I got rid of them (although lost this extra fee) and ended up going with Taylor Emmet, they were brilliant all the way through. I would say ask around your friends and see if anyone has any recommendations, I would be reluctant to go with who the estate agent recommends unless you are sure there is nothing in it for them
  11. Yes they are all at Blonk Street, i've parked there for last few years and this week it has been so much busier than ever before, you can really tell there are alot more people there
  12. This was in the Star last week http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/lights-camera-action-for-sheffield-1-5087321 Filming up to christmas
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