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  1. That Sir is slander. Ignore at your peril. Would you want the bailiffs waking you up at 3am????
  2. Just wondering how were they stolen? Must be hard to take 2 dogs in the middle of the night without some form of noisey barking?????
  3. If it's as good as the Romero trilogy- Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead then i'm in. However i doubt it Why can't anyone make a decent Zombie movie anymore with genuine chills. Instead all we get is cheese fests and unoriginal plots.
  4. That up my neck of the woods. I went to Supper Spot on Loxley road. Never again. Will try that when i'm passing.
  5. Because 9 out of 10 of them seem to have the inability to cook a decent crisp, golden chip. Do they actually care about repeat custom????? Its not rocket science is it. The chippy i went to has been there years. Yet the meal i was served up half an hour ago was borderline offensive. Uncooked soggy white tasteless chips. 75% got binned as i filtered through the edible ones. I didn't even give my faithful canine a taste for fear he'd barf it up later. Restore my faith and point me in the right direction.
  6. where the hell do you people live? I can quite happily take my dogs out and play with other dogs etc and NEVER have a problem. Hardly meet any aggressive type dogs. If some dog owner chooses to keep their dog on a lead away from me then so be it. Guess all the places i frequent are Barbara Woodhouse fans. WALKIES!!!!
  7. Hes probably not good as you've never bothered to socialize him properly with other dogs. Keeping him on a lead altime just makes him more anti-social. Maybe you have the problem not the other people? Try dog training classes with other dogs????? Some people just haven't a clue.
  8. Just common sense really. Most people i meet on dog walks are dog people anyway and our dogs have a blast playing with each other. If you know someone might not like dogs then you adapt to the situation like anything in life
  9. Dogs are not born viscious. They are learning creatures. Unfortunately in our society these 'pitbull types' are kept for the wrong reasons. Irresponsible owners with dogs that haven't had loving sociable homes is a recipe for disaster. I have never had a problem with walking my dogs off the lead in 15 years or meeting any other dog walkers. I suppose if i lived in a rundown area i'd be on my guard more against these types of dog and owners. These dogs are bred for being aggressive and sometimes fighting purposes. Hope your mutts pull through anyway
  10. Do u remember the Tv series the Gaffa? He used to throw parking tickets out of his window whilst driving. And what happened to that Heathen? He was forever bring chased by the law. Don't suffer the heartache
  11. Not a happy man either. Got overcharged whilst purchasing my monthly copy of Razzle.
  12. They might have lost 1 but that is a tiny blip in the ocean compared to their wins in court. SO you know the correct thing to do. I will not spell it out but you can guess.
  13. Shocking that you'd take your 8 month old and feed him on that rubbish. You should be ashamed. Educate yourself on good nutrition
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