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  1. Also heard one large bang in Parson cross about 20 minutes ago, wonder whats happening now..
  2. If you ever come across someone who is asking for money and says they are sleeping rough and you feel the need to give them something, either buy them blankets or food and that way you know exactly where your moneys gone
  3. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-sheffield-college-keep-norton-college-open#share They are planning to demolish Norton and instead move everything to hilsborough and sheffield centre, this then leaves the area without a college and means students have to travel much further,also like to point out how quiet this is being kept and how no one knows about it..
  4. Can see some very cruel and hurtful things here.. Let me tell you, why we need Pride today, Could you always have voted if you were a woman? No? events like this were made, they could vote after all the campaigning. Did black and white individuals always have equal rights? No? Campaigned, fought for it, got equal rights. Can gay and straight people get married? No, they can't They're campaigning, fighting for it. Being gay can get you killed in some countries or fired from your job, in certain countries you may not adopt babies if you are in a same sex relationship or marriage and you are seen as disgusting. That my friend, is why we need Pride, everyone is equal, we are all of equal quality, but some girls like girls and some guys like guys, it's saddening to see how people are comparing gay pride to the freedom of their ability to clean their car, until the 1990's, being gay was seen as a mental illness, for this day Sheffield has it's own day with the rest of the country, known as IDAHO. Pride is the one day in the year all the people who may be gay,straight,pansexual,transexual,bisexual,lesbian or whatever your orientation may take to the street and campaign for equality..
  5. I've had work experience with personal care in the Northern General, might have been for two weeks but i'd learnt alot..but yes there is alot I can't do, but I can assist care assistants. I've rang up nursing homes most telling me the same thing..
  6. ''We have enough volunteers'' ''Thank you but we'd like volunteers to work nights''( Only 17 so can't do that) ''Thanks, we'll call you back'' ''Thanks but we're fully staffed'' The problem with the lunch club is my college hours don't work around that, i'm at college five days and then the hours are too close to lunch time so i'd never get too and from the lunch club in time.. They also ask for staff to be able to drive, something else it's financially difficult to do right now..
  7. After much trying, I'm struggling to gain experience in care homes, this however is needed to get on to my desired university course and I need experience around caring for patients and the elderly to get onto the course, I have some experience, but this won't be enough.. does anyone know what direction to point me in?? I've phoned around, but despite having a clear CRB,past care experience and working towards the Health and social A level as well as three other courses, no where seems to want to take me on, the other probem is, time is running out as I'm planning to apply to Uni by this January.. Please help..
  8. We have an old phone, so we can't see their caller ID otherwise we wouldn't..
  9. The same phone center will not stop ringing us, they have rung us, on the land line everyday for weeks often more than once wanting us to participate in a survey and if they can give our number to third parties. We've asked to be removed from their call list Nothing's been done. They won't stop. What can we do?
  10. As much as they helped me when I needed them, the Childrens mental health service in Sheffield isn't that great. 1.) Waiting times unless you are a frequent menace to yourself and others, are poor and you can be waiting months for a refferal and see a psychologist ( I'd like to point out some people have biological depression and this can be difficult to diagnose at such a young age). 2.) The appointmet system, we had troubles with as we would not be told of cancelled appointments, turn up and there was that awkward conversation of theres no one here to see you. 3.)It takes the parents to help them and to listen what she has to say, perhaps home life isn't easy for her right now, perhaps her parents divorced and she is torn between them, or perhaps she is facing other mental demons such as annorexia and at the end of her wits end from the stress that she could be finding from somewhere, childhood is stripped at a much younger age than what it used to be, with all the cyber bullying now, they're could be no true escape for her and this felt like it was her only way out, sometimes we will never know, but sometimes asking for help is much harder than it may seem.
  11. I honestly do not know where your planning to put this as the only spare land if you could call it that, is on the hill of Lound side where the old job center used to be.
  12. Somthing needs to be done. Stupid question but maybe contact the star?
  13. And yes, I stand corrected, but they stood there for quite some time and they were the first thing you saw when you came into the city ad the last thing as you left via the Tinsley viaduct.
  14. I much prefer the old buildings to the new ones (within reason, particularly Victorian and Edwardian) they feel so much more homely and comfortable than the metallic fortresses we have.
  15. Tinsley towers, Sheffield had a massive steel industry ad what do we now have to show for it? Nothing.
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