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  1. it seems to me with less people in the uk there will be less crime
  2. It is true that there would be less crime in the uk if there were no immigration.
  3. There would be less crime in the uk if there was less immagration, that is a fact, is it not?
  4. true.. very true.. my point is now the legion has opened the door on who should and should not wear the poppy. my question is a fair one to ask.
  5. its interesting that a student can **** on poppys but the british legion dont tell him he should not wear the poppy
  6. =========== i tried to argue this yesterday your comment is spot on all you will get back is rants, soundbites, and of course racist anti bnp posters are helping the bnp with there anti democratic stance.
  7. there is no debate to be had here, just individuals wanting to point score.
  8. mature, bet your a bully. try reading my posts.
  9. ive answerd the question, im board of you now, carry on drumming up support for the bnp, with your infantile rants and sneers, soundbites dont change minds debate does.
  10. i think the system was at one stage in meltdown but its noway as bad as its made out by the far right. however nobody dare talk about the issue. why, they get called a racist.
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